101 Episodes of Pure Laughter: Hayate the Combat Butler

Have you heard the excellent news? Viewster has added the hilarious first, second, third and forth seasons of Hayate the Combat Butler to our already massive library of anime for you to watch and enjoy! Never heard of Hayate the Combat Butler? No worries, I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about this series before you dive in and start laughing your butt off!

Adapted from a manga which originally began running in Weekly Shonen Sunday back in 2005, the first season of Hayate the Combat Butler premiered on Japanese television in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since! The anime is directed by Keiichiko Kawaguchi and features series composition by Junki Takegami (Naruto Shippuden) and Shinichi Inotsume. Meanwhile the cast is led by Rie “Tsundere Queen” Kugimiya as the genius otaku loli (seems like a contradiction in terms doesn’t it?) Nagi, Rie Tanaka as her maid Maria and Ryoko Shiraishi as our hapless hero Hayate.

hayate 1


The story starts innocently enough; Hayate is a hard working teenager with deadbeat parents who decide to leave him with a mountain of debt on Christmas. Finally deciding he’s had enough of life, Hayate tries to get out of the debt by kidnapping a young girl and holding her for ransom… only things go horribly wrong and the girl thinks that he is actually confessing his love for her. Though things are never quite sorted out regarding that, the girl named Nagi helps him out by taking over his debt and hiring him as her butler so that he can repay her by working it off.

Now that you know the basics, what else should you know about this series in order to get the full enjoyment out of it?

Harem Alert

Yes, this is a harem series and Hayate will have plenty of girls (including tsunderes, the student council president, Maria the maid and others) falling for our loveable hero. Much like other harem heroes though, don’t expect him to ever realize it.

hayate 3


Otaku Comedy

If you’re not familiar with your otaku tropes you might want to brush up a little before starting this series because the tropes will fly at you quickly and furiously.


Get Comfortable

101 episodes may seem like it’s a big time commitment (and honestly it is) but believe me when I say that once you start this series you won’t want to stop so make sure that you’ve got snacks handy and you take your bathroom breaks fast!

hayate 8
L.B. will mess you up if you hate on her.


Best Girl

Hinagiku is this series’ best girl and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise (not really but still, she totally is).



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