3 Anime Destined To Be Made Into A Video Game

I bet you’ve pondered, “I bet Kill La Kill would make a superb beat ’em-up.” We all have. Many, many times. These 3 anime were BORN to be made into a video game (and yes, I include Kill La Kill).

First off I need to address my baby that is the series Kill la Kill. I loved this anime, my colleagues at Viewster love this anime and most of the anime fanbase loves this show. It isn’t for everyone mind you, but it still has a solid performance. This show though has been on fans radar for a game adaptation for quite some time. Most have pushed it as a potential candidate for a fighter or beat ‘em-up sort of game. Even Platinum Games director expressed interest in creating an actually Kill la Kill game in the future.


Secondly we got Mirai Nikki, the true Yonder Simulator. Okay sure, Yandere Simulator is a very real game that is being made. It too focuses on the Yandere theme. What I’m talking about is a game with survival-horror mechanics that plays out like the anime does. Maybe you play a character with an obsessive, murderous lover or maybe you don’t. I think a game just based purely on Mirai Nikki itself would be enough to push some sales.I firmly believe a horror/survivial focused game would be the best course of action. Everyone is a fan of things that go bump in the night; the spooky ones.


Finally, and obviously, Keijo!!!. This anime was bound to pop-up on this list and I am not afraid to say it. Keijo, the butt-bashing-sports anime that swept the globe needs an adaptation. Of course the anime has a promotion going on with the other popular game Dead or Alive Extreme 3 for swimsuits. It unfortunately lacks its own dedicated title and this should be remedied by the fine folks over at Team Ninja. You can thank me later for the best-selling game idea. Keep it sporty and maybe just take the Soft Engine from Dead or Alive Extreme 3 and add it to the Keijo adaptation; for them jiggle physics.

(Source: Xebec / Otakuvines.org)


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