3 AR Games To Play This Weekend

3 AR Games To Play This Weekend
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Gaming companies have set augmented reality in their sights, and they’re not backing down.

It’s no surprise, since AR combines the best parts of VR with accessibility, allowing you to turn juuuuust about any environment into a game. Some early adopters, Ingress and Pokemon Go!, proved gamers are ready and excited for this new tech.

To get you up to speed, let’s take a look at the top AR games so far this year:

The Machines

The Machines is a RTS set in a futuristic desert landscape which displays on your smartphone or tablet. Just aim your device over the nearest flat surface and get to blasting robots.

Did I mention that it’s multiplayer? You can play against your buddy sitting next to you or someone you’re paired with online.

Check out some gameplay footage here:

The Machines is available on all ARKit enabled devices, including iOS.


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