3 Best Anime To Watch This Christmas

Christmas is less than a week away, we still haven’t set up our lights, we don’t have a tree, and don’t even get us started on last minute gifts. Despite the chaos, we’re putting all of the to-dos on hold and getting in the mood with a few strategic anime titles.

It’s true, there aren’t many Christmas anime out there, but there are a few that suit the holiday spirit.

These 3 anime are perfect to watch this Christmas:


It’s an anime about the love live’s five high schoolers and how they intersect in a million and one different ways.
Toradora will warm your heart as much as it will break it. What’s particularly special about it though, is the way in which relationships are destroyed and reconstructed throughout the entirety of the show as people restrain and release their desires. It probably wouldn’t of made this list, but the anime’s plot reaches its climax during Christmas. SO.

And besides, Ami in episode 19 will make you wish that you could mold her into a cookie cutter and take a bite out come Christmas morning. (stream the episode below)




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