The 3 Most Notorious Panty Thieves in Anime

panty thief The 3 Most Notorious Panty Thieves in Anime

We all know that most anime characters fall within a well known trope. There’s the hot-headed female lead, the strong goofball male hero, and the meek bookworm support character. Occasionally, though, we see a truly odd character that catches us by surprise.

For example, the panty thief.

This character is addicted to stealing young women’s knickers. Because they’re perverts. They’re known for going on snatching sprees, being chased by the underoos’ owners, and being beaten mercilessly when caught. Because they’re perverts.

To honor this horny archetype, here are the 3 best panty thieves from anime:

Chamo-kun The 3 Most Notorious Panty Thieves in AnimeChamo-kun, Mahou Sensei Negima

Albert “Chamo” Chamomile is a pure-white weasel, otherwise known as an ermine stoat. And this chain-smoking weasel loves undies.

He’s infamous for stealing over 3,000 pairs of women’s panties, but don’t judge. He only took them so he could build a nest for his sister during an exceptionally cold winter. This crime forced his to escape from the law, landing him in the┬ápath of the main characters.

He’s not a bad guy, he was just surviving, right? Well, probably not. Later in the show he ends up stealing an entire group of women’s bathing suits, proving that he’s a devious little perv who can’t control his pervy urges.

Kogarashi, Kamen no Maid Guy

kogarashi The 3 Most Notorious Panty Thieves in AnimeKogarashi is truly one of anime’s most terrifying characters. He’s a incredibly powerful monstrosity of a man who also happens to be… a maid.

At the pinnacle of the show’s absurdity, Kogarashi manages to steal the panties off every girl in a middle-school class in order to discover who stole a pair of panties. Ignoring the fact that that’s illegal in most countries, the irony makes for great comedy.

He also mentions his belief that “God loves panty shots”, which would explain why Kamen no Maid Guy is not much more than a 12-episode homage to wildly oversized breasts and gratuitous up-skirt shots.

Happosai, Ranma 1/2

happosai The 3 Most Notorious Panty Thieves in AnimeHapposai takes the cake when it comes to panty thieves. Aside from being the martial arts master to the main character’s fathers, he is known for one thing and one thing only – stealing girl’s undergarments.

This wily old coot is often seen jumping through Tokyo neighborhoods in disguise, carrying a huge sack of freshly stolen lady-loot. Every time you see the 100+ year old Happosai he’s been up to no good, meaning he has likely stolen countless loads of underwear over his lifetime.

He’s also really grope-y. In nearly every scene with Happosai, he’s seen grabbing young girls inappropriately with an expression of total bliss on his face. And he’s dirty too. At one point he asks Ranma to model for him, ignoring the fact that Ranma is a dude cursed into a woman’s body. Happosai doesn’t discriminate – everything goes. Talk about being single minded.


Which laundry thieving character ranks supreme? Shout out in the comments.





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