3 Nintendo Switch Titles For Summer

Must Play Nintendo Switch Titles!

I’ve been a bit stir crazy over a few titles on Nintendo’s Switch platform this summer. The gaming library gets stronger by the day and delicious gems continue to pop up for the hybrid console. These summer picks are sure to keep you glued to the console.

Must Play Nintendo Switch Titles!

Sonic Mania

This game returns the series to its humble, 16-bit roots. For the young among us all, you won’t understand the beauty of this title. It isn’t screaming into your eye balls with life-like graphics or freeform gameplay; it’s an ode to what made gaming fun in the first place. It has the retro tunes and the grand fanfare that turns me into a child. Sega’s Sonic Mania was an original Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) title. With all new maps and running at a scrumptious 60FPS, Sonic Mania is a game that all enthusiasts should buy, period.

Must Play Nintendo Switch Titles!

Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition

If you like side-scrollers, then it’s hard to not find the comedic charm of Rayman appealing. This title has had some exposure already on prior consoles, but this edition for Nintendo’s Switch console just feels good. It plays smooth, looks gorgeous and it has gotten me excited to play a Rayman again. For those of you not interested in humor, great rock soundtracks or Rayman then go and pick this game up. It will convert you.

Must Play Nintendo Switch Titles!

Monster Hunter XX

Okay, this one is a Japan exclusive, but anyone can download it. It’s the PERFECT on-the-go game for the Nintendo Switch. All one needs to do is just make an account that is Japan specific and BOOM; you are done. This is again another demo, but man is it good. It plays like any other Monster Hunter game out there. You choose weapons like a sword or bow and then you go out and hunt epic monsters. It just also happens to have a home on the Nintendo Switch now. I can hear my high school self screaming for joy to be able to have a hunter style game on a platform like the Switch.

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