3 Perfect Summertime Anime

3 Perfect Summertime Anime

‘Tis the season for summer loves, vacations and festivals – these anime titles do the season justice. Next time you’re craving a little fun under the sun, stream these picks.

Love Live School Idol Project fun 3 Perfect Summertime Anime

Love Live

I can personally say that this anime usually pops up on my summer rewatch list. Love Live is the quintessential anime: featuring festivals, music and of course, SUMMER! Face it, this anime has its fingers in all the pudding cups. Think drama, love, music and sun; the story is all about pushing yourself to succeed and enjoy what you do.

A perfect anime for those group meets.

3 Perfect Summertime Anime

Sweetness & Lightning

This pick reminds me of those childhood days spent with family and friends (plus good food). I have fond memories of those summer cookouts, this one’s not too far off. This one is a precious and beautiful gem that is as amazing as the food it show cases. It has a deeper story that is equal parts sad as the food is amazing. It truly is a crafted masterpiece that is baked to perfection.

A perfect anime for the whole family.

3 Perfect Summertime Anime

Non Non Biyori

Think fond memories of childhood curiosity and school. If you enjoyed your summers with spontaneous laughs and adventures, then this one is right up your alley. Non Non Biyori is a laid back anime that celebrates all things country. With nothing else to do but to wander massive fields of crops and wilderness, it’s up to our imaginations to provide the fun.

A perfect anime for when you’re craving watermelon.

Consider these my ‘heat of summer’ titles. Hopefully you all enjoy some of summertime anime!






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