3 Reasons To Play Cave Story (One of the World’s Finest Indie Games)

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Image courtesy of Nicalis via Steam

Nicalis Inc announced on Twitter that anyone with a copy of Cave Story for the Nintendo Switch will be treated to a free update, which includes the original 8-bit, low-res graphics from the games initial release.

The announcement got me thinking… I wonder how many people never played through Cave Story. Or even HEARD of Cave Story.

I thought I’d remedy that. Here’s 3 why you should play this amazing game.

1. It’s probably the best platform-adventure game ever made

If you like old-school 2D platformers (à la Castlevania and Metroid) you will love Cave Story.

Don’t be deceived by the childish graphics, it’s got plenty of story and depth behind it. And guns. Lots of guns.

Cave Story was released in 2004, a full decade after the 2D adventure genre was popular. In that time gap, computer capabilities improved and the developer was able to cram a lot of content into a “simple” 2D game. Platformers never looked so good!

2. It was a massive achievement that defined a genre

Cave Story might be the reason why the term “indie game developer” even exists.

Like many of us, developer Daisuke Amaya grew up playing Nintendo games. He began developing Cave Story in college as a side project, and five yeas later he released the game on the internet as an “indie”, before indies were a thing.

What’s interesting is that Amaya created the “retro gaming revolution” by accident. He chose 2D graphics over 3D only because he’d already made a bunch of 2D animations and didn’t want to start over with 3D. It worked out.

3. It’ll take you back to the golden age of video games!

If you love retro games, look no further – this game oozes with early-90’s goodness.

The characters and the game mechanics are reminiscent of Super Mario. There are tons of weapons and item enhancements, which is straight up Super Metroid. Also, there are dozens of enemies and bosses that conjures up memories of Mega Man X.

The soundtrack is also excellent, but no one will blame you for blasting Nirvana instead.

Cave Story is available on Nintendo Switch, Wii, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS, PSP, Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Anyone played Cave Story? Back me up in the comments below!

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