3 Rules To Follow: Your Convention Essentials

2017 is my year: I’m going to bust out my greatest cosplay yet… I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, since convention season is upon us. In the last week, I’ve had at least 10 different ideas for a great costume… But then I’m forced to face the challenge of making it. And committing to it. And packing for the event. And I freeze.

I know I’ll need a lot of foam… I know the basics of costume commitment thanks to the likes of Phil Mizuno and Grey. That’s not where I get weary. It’s everything ELSE I need to think of, that I haven’t even thought of, that makes me weary.

Extensive Googling has led me down a dark path of packing must-haves. No man left behind: Here’s what I’ve uncovered:

RULE NO. 1: Deodorize, deodorize, deodorize. 

Seems obvious, but if you’ve ever attended a convention you know that sh*t gets stanky. What can we say, our enthusiasm for cosplay is pungent.

RULE NO. 2: Backup cell charger. 

Positive thinking and ‘low battery mode’ won’t magically enable your iPhone to stay alive throughout a day of tweeting, posing, and texting the friends you lost in the crowd. It just won’t. Bring a backup charger or forever be the kid without a single recorded piece of evidence of that one time you ran into Steve Blum in the crowd (trust me here).

RULE NO. 3: Rubber bands. 

Yep, this basic little desk-drawer essential is going to save your ass during each and every convention. Costume malfunction? Rubber band it. All those free posters you receive? Rubber band them. Can’t get your friend’s attention in the crowd? Rubber band him (you didn’t hear that one from me).

BONUS: This last one’s not a rule… But more of a word of advice from me to you. Take vitamin-C supplements before, during, and after. Santitize your hands. Wash them frequently. Whatever you do, don’t share drinks with people. Con-flu is a real thing, I’ve had it, and it freaking SUCKS. Heed my warning.

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