3 Winter Anime You Should Watch Immediately

3 Winter Anime You Should Watch Immediately
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This winter anime this year is…not great. Compared to past seasons, this one feels extremely weak. Which, based on the spring slate, is a blessing (seriously, beginning next month I won’t have any time to eat).

But if you’re like me and desperate for anime NOW, these 3 totally underrated titles ought to satiate your anime soul:

How to Keep a Mummy (Miira no Kaikata)

Kashiwagi Sora is living a typical, anime high school life until his father sends him a huge casket. But the coffin doesn’t hold a zombie or a vampire, but a 12 centimeter (4.7 inch) mummy.

On the cuteness scale, this is “brand new puppy falling over because it barked too hard” cute. It is saccharine sweet. I nearly bought a plush toy from China because of this show. The mummy, Mii-kun, is adorable. It gets into tiny adventures, helps with tiny chores, and tries their best to do big people things. It makes noises that I swear they stole from a puppy-bubble universe. Do not watch if you are diabetic.

A Place Further Than the Universe (Sora yori mo Tooi Basho)

Mari Tamaki is our main character and her plight is absolutely universal—she realizes she hasn’t done anything with her life yet and yearns to change that. Upon a chance meeting with a girl named Shirase, Tamaki finds a goal that fills her with purpose—finding her way to Antarctica.

This easily wins the “Most Unexpectedly Incredible Anime” award of the season. This show came out of nowhere. I love APFU because it’s taking its time. They are establishing characters and loading them full of personality. You really understand these four girls and how they tick. I don’t get to say this about many shows, but oh my god, the background art is unbelievably, ridiculously great. The writing is exceptional—I have rewatched entire scenes because of the writing alone. The music is selected from the bosom of the heavens and stirs the adventurer inside of me. Studio Madhouse deserves all the praise in the world for this show. Go watch it.

Laid-Back Camp (Yuru Camp ∆) 

In most seasons, this show would likely be missed. Laid-Back Camp is what happens if we take cuteness and wanderlust and throw it into an anime. Now while it isn’t as cute as How to Keep a Mummy, and it isn’t as well put together as A Place Further Than the Universe, it is fun as all hell to watch. It’s a fairly typical Moe show where five girls bond over a common interest—in this case, it’s outdoor camping. But I think the best part about this show is real-life people are now camping in the same locations as the show. No, really! And if that isn’t a reason to watch this anime, I don’t know what is.

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