4 Weird Films to Help You Escape the Holidays

Whether you’re all about ‘decking the halls’ or ‘Bah Humbug,’ the holidays can be very tiring. Who knew watching Rudolph and Frosty could get so boring after the twentieth time through, and who really cares what happens to Macaulay Culkin yet again? So take a breather from the holidays, or test out your new phone, tablet, or other iDevice on some of the stranger movies that your eyes can handle.


Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell

A campy prehistoric adventure flick starring a so-called nymphoid barbarian warrior woman who is the last of her species left on Earth. Can she survive the schlocky battle for supremacy against mutant dinosaurs and post-apocalyptic cavemen?


Available in AT, AU, CH, DE, DK,FR, NO, SE, UK, US


Invasion of the Bee Girls

A mad but hot-looking bee scientist (played by Anitra Ford) creates an army of equally beautiful women, or queen bees, who literally seduce men to death. As all of the men start to die off, the government sends a male agent to investigate—duh! As crazy as it sounds, this movie is actually a lot of fun. The lighting, dialogue and cinematography are pretty bad but the women are basically half naked all of the time and it is totally cool to see the tables turned on the boys for a change.


Available in AT, AU, CH, DE, DK,FR, NO, SE, UK, US


Teenagers from Outer Space

The title says it all, in this low-budget 50s b-movie. Derek, a strapping young alien (David Love) on a recon mission for his home planet, falls for pretty teenage earthling Betty (Dawn Anderson). Problem is… Derek’s fellow aliens plan to use Earth as a breeding ground for their food source, which are basically … um … giant lobsters. When the invaders arrive, with deadly rayguns, Derek and Betty must come together, so to speak, to try and stop them. The best part? All the teenagers appear to be in their late thirties … LOL. For unintended laughs and cheesy fun, you just can’t beat this!


Available in AT, AU, CH, DE, DK,FR, NO, SE, UK, US


Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Martians do not like the idea of their kids believing in an earthly myth about an old man bringing gifts to children. They decide that this sage man, Santa Claus is the root cause of the problem and must be done away with. With plans of capturing Santa, the Martians land on Earth and abduct two kids who lead them to Santa’s abode, the North Pole. While on their way back to Mars, Voldar, a Martian tries to kill the three of them but is blocked by the leader Lomas. Once on Mars, Santa gets the help of Lackey, another Martian, to spread the good word of humanity and joys of Christmas.


Available in AT, CH, DE, DK,FR, NO, SE, UK, US


Did your head explode? Or did your face melt like it would from a Eddie Van Halen guitar solo? Either way, we hope you can keep yourself entertained with some crazy films and a keg full of eggnog.

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