5 Anime Scenes That Will Leave You Saying “WTF?!”

Every so often anime likes to disturb us in various ways. Sometimes it’s more gruesome and visceral, sometimes it’s just because something is a bit too real or hits too close to home. This is one of the things that many of us love about anime though – it’s ability to make us feel things that are uncomfortable and face up to things which are a little too real. This is why I’m stepping up today to list out some of the most disturbing moments you’ll encounter with the anime that we have available here on Viewster.

*Be warned that there will be some spoilers for Is This A Zombie, Strike Witches, Death Parade, Nisemonogatari and Silver Spoon within this article.*



Ayumu Repeatedly Disembowels Kyoko – Is This A Zombie

I’ve always said that Is This A Zombie contains the sweetest, most touching multiple murder/disemboweling scene to ever be created. In this scene, Ayumu must take out Kyoko for her own good but how do you take out a girl who is virtually unstoppable? By taking your magical chainsaw and ripping her guts apart over and over again until she gives up. He’s doing it for her own good though so it really is one of the most tender moments of the series but still rather gruesome to watch if you’re not expecting it.



with English dubs in United States



Nice and Breezy Episode – Strike Witches

This episode of Strike Witches isn’t really disturbing in the sense that it is bloody or violent. It’s disturbing in the sense that the entire plot of this episode is the girls fighting over a pair of underwear. While this is a light fan service series, this episode took things to a whole new level and disturbed me as a viewer the first time I saw it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.54.17 1 copy


with English dubs in United States



Overkill – Death Parade

In the two part air hockey story of Death Parade, we learn of a cop who has decided to take matters into his own hands as well as a kid who wants to avenge his sister. When the kid learns that the cop let his sister get assaulted, he goes insane and takes his revenge right there… and we get to see the torture happen in slow motion with music playing. Overall, Death Parade can be a pretty hard series to stomach at times but this moment is easily one of the hardest to see.



with English subs in United Kingdom and Ireland



Toothbrush Scene – Nisemonogatari

One thing that anime fans have had to get used to over the last few years is the increasing presence of incestual storylines within their favorite anime series. It’s getting harder and harder to avoid it with popular titles such as Sword Art Online and OreImo getting into the act. Nisemonogatari is going to go down in history as one of the most disturbing chapters of the franchise though simply because of two little words: “toothbrush scene.” It’s hard to explain why this scene is so disturbing but to this day there are multiple fans who will tell you that they either gave up on this series because of this scene or they will skip over this scene entirely when/if they ever rewatch it.



with English subs in United Kingdom and Ireland



Cow Birth – Silver Spoon

Ah the miracle of life… is not something that I ever want to see again thanks to this scene in Silver Spoon in which we see a cow giving birth! If I ever thought for a moment that I was going to be a farmer before, this scene changed that entirely and irrevocably for the rest of my life.



with English subs in United Kingdom and Ireland



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