5 Beginner Tips To Conquer Far Cry 5

5 Beginner Tips To Conquer Far Cry 5
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Far Cry 5 is the latest in the long running Ubisoft series — this time we’re headed to the backwoods of Montana.

For those that haven’t already taken the plunge, prepared to play as an unnamed deputy within a force sent in to arrest the leader of a cult (Joseph Seed). This latest chapter in the franchise pairs some of the series’ best elements with kickass new gameplay strategies.

Nobody wants to be a noob forever… Follow these 5 tips & tricks to conquer it faster:


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Upgrade your weapon slot as soon as possible

You’ll want to expand the number of weapons you can carry as fast as possible.  Working through the game’s skill tree allows you to spend your in-game points to level-up however you want.

Note: Your weapon carrying should be an early priority. Adding a second primary weapon can make a huge difference.


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