5 Censored Games That Definitely Aren’t SFW

We’ve come a long way from blaming Duke Nukem 3D and 16 bit boobs for the decline of society.

Since the industry’s evolution, ultra violent, ultra-sexual, ultra-everything games have pushed the scene’s boundaries… But with limited freedom.

These 5 titles are über censored… And for good reason.


Crime: Too nakie

(Source: Konami Digital Entertainment)

In the Japanese version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, several cards and characters were wearing… well not much at all. Outside of Japan these scantly clad characters got an extra coat of paint to cover up that extra skin.

Not terribly surprising. Yu-Gi-Oh! has a history of censorship. The manga and original 90’s anime were more mature in Japan than the western version, which got toned down to appeal to younger audiences.


Resident Evil 7

Crime: Gruesome head slicing

(Source: Capcom)

The US version of Resident Evil 7 was waaaay bloodier and showed a way higher frequency of intensely gory scenes. The Japanese version toned down the violence from horrific levels to only mildly grotesque.

Case in point, in the US version a guy gets his head sliced in half, but the Japanese version only shows his head getting injured.

Hitler’s Mustache

Crime: The stache 

(Source: MachineGames)

The German version of Wolfenstein 2 removed several elements due to cultural sensitivities.

Among the things cut, images of the Nazi symbol, mention of Nazism, and Hitler’s mustache. He’s still in the game, but his mustache was shaved because the facial hair is so closely associated with Nazism.

(It almost begs you to question, why bother releasing the game at all? Until you release it’s because even still, you want to play it.)

Gal* Gun: Double Peace

Crime: Perversion

(Source: Inti Creates)

Guy gets shot by cupid’s arrow and must fend off dozens of adoring teenage girls who lust after him. He does this by using x-ray vision to see through girls’ clothing to find their hidden erogenous zones, then shooting her there with a shot of pheromones that paralyzes her with pure ecstasy.

It’s the classic perv game you’re low-key dying to play in secret. It’s also completely banned in New Zealand.

House Party

Crime: Unapologetic porn scenes

(Source: YanDere)

Okay, this one isn’t mush of a surprise – House Party is about seducing girls into having sex. It caused a lot of controversy because the sex scenes are 100% graphic. They show everything, it’s basically hardcore porn. (…hardcore enough that we’re not featuring it above…)

The game was pulled from Steam and a censored version was re-released, although the developer released an uncensored patch so porndog pornsters can play the porny version.


There you have it, censorship is clearly alive and well. Have you caught any other gaming censorship recently? Let us know in the comments below.

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