5 Harem Anime You Need To Watch

Harem anime has been around since at least the 80’s but it’s possible that the genre was invented even earlier than that. Since then the genre has been done time and time again, sometimes the results were spectacular works of comedy genius… and sometimes the results were train wrecks, better left unmentioned so that those responsible for their creation can hide in peace.

So what is a harem anime?

In a harem anime, you have a main character (either male or female) being chased, wooed or otherwise romantically pursued by a variety of potential suitors. Generally these anime tease out the various potential romantic match ups for as long as possible, over multiple seasons even.

Sounds interesting? If so, great news: I picked out a few harem series for you to watch on Viewster while staying warm and comfortable this winter – hit the images or titles below to start watching.

Love Hina

Love Hina

(Available in UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia)

A classic series from the turn of the century (the spring of 2000 to be exact) this series follows Keitaro as he does his very best to make it into Tokyo University in order to fulfill a promise to a girl he knew as a child. Only he keeps failing time and time again. After he is kicked out by his parents, he goes to live with his grandmother at her boarding house and after a strange turn of events is made into the manager of the building.


Girls Bravo

Girls Bravo

(Available in the United States)

Yukinari has always been picked on by the other kids, both boys and girls, because of how small he is. The bullying has gotten so bad that he has developed a condition where if any girl touches him he develops hives all over his skin! Imagine his shock when one day he is transported to a foreign world which is mostly populated by women and he meets a girl named Miharu whose touch doesn’t make him break out.




(Available in UK and Ireland)

Kirino is a beautiful, talented, athletic high school girl. She works as a model, has tons of friends and is pretty all around amazing. She also has a deep dark secret which she is hiding from the world: She’s actually a hardcore otaku. When her brother learns Kirino’s secret, he is drawn into her geeky world and makes some new friends in the process.


Is This A Zombie?

Is This A Zombie?

(Available in the United States)

Ayumu was an entirely normal teenage boy until he was killed in cold blood by a murderer in his own home. Luckily for him he is saved and resurrected as a zombie by a necromancer named Eu. That’s just the start of his troubles though as one night he meets a magical girl named Haruna and after he accidentally steals her powers, he must take her place in battle.


Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

(Available in the United States)

This is one especially for the ladies in the audience. Another classic, this series takes place at Ouran High School which is specifically for the wealthy… with one exception; Haruhi Fujioka who earned her way into the school but is so poor that she can’t even afford one of their uniforms.

After school one day, Haruhi stumbles across the Ouran High School Host Club which is a group of boys whose sole purpose in life is to charm and entertain young ladies who have way too much time on their hands. After she breaks an expensive vase, Haruhi is forced to join the host club as their servant to pay off the debt.


These are just a few of the many harem series available, but there are still many other series and genres out there for you to discover. Get started by checking out our free anime catalogue.

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  • well i have a good idea for a harem manga that would have a main male character is a normal high school student named Adam Davidson he gets an invite to a strange high where vampires, ghosts, mad scientists, werewolves, mummies, mermaids, mutants, lizard folk, witches, hunchbacks, zombies, invisible people, yeti, giant crabs, giant squid, giant sharks, kappa, living umbrellas, cyclopes, nine tailed fox spirits, giants, cat girls, necromancers, trolls, ogres, demons, snow girls, giant spiders, Minotaur like beasts, aliens, slime girls, grim reapers, and insane clowns all attend to live among the human world disguised as high school students.

  • the principal of this school is a half dwarf half human with a split personality disorder one is good and the other is an evil serial killer his good name is Samuel and the evil one is named Richard. the vice principal of the school is a female cyborg who was once a famous singer until a fire where she suffered severe burns and was given robotic appendages to survive.

  • in another strange school has banshees, centaurs, dragons, elves, fairies, gargoyles, goblins, griffins, orcs, titans, satyrs, gorgons, headless horsemen, imps, leprechauns, phoenixes, sphinxes, unicorns, amazons, basilisks, brownies, chimeras, cupids, dryads, knights, gorgons, harpies, hydras, nymphs, pixies, sirens, and Valkyries all attend. the next school or class has snake girls, spider girls, fly monster girls, half human half crab hybrids, half human half hound hybrids, mimics, clones, super humans, magical girls, ninjas, pirates, samurais, alchemists, shrine maidens, exorcists, prophets, psychics, fortune tellers, butlers, and maids all go to this class in this strange school called saint Gabriel academy.

  • another strange character we meet is a girl wearing a bunny costume who is a human exchange student from the human world she also loves ballet her father is a famous comedian and her mother is an expert in judo. she finds she is a granddaughter to Santa Claus who is married to Mrs Claus who here is expert former scuba diver from Hawaii who loves to play golf and tennis. we also meet a girl who is the daughter of a cowboy and loves jogging she has a perverted exhibitionist mother who loves fishing she related to a famous bike riding champion. her exhibitionist mother was cursed by a witch to turn into a chimerical mutant with an unstable genetic code transforming into a ferret, a rabbit, nine tailed fox, a octopus, a squid, a slug, a snail, a lamb, a ram, a gray wolf, a rat, a goat, a spider, a parrot, a owl, a eagle, a chicken, a pigeon, a duck, a penguin, a goose, a canary, a raven, a crow, a pelican, a stork, a swan, a cockroach, a cricket, a bee, a ant, a bee, a butterfly, a moth, a grasshopper, a wasp, a fly, a cat, a panda bear, a polar bear, a dog, a lion, a chimpanzee, a gorilla, a orangutan, and a monkey each time she must take off all her clothes and turns back into a naked human woman later.

  • another character we meet a young girl who has a druid wizard father and a mandrake girl as a mother who also goes to Saint Gabriel Academy.

  • another bizarre character is a spirit who comes from a planet she is named Gaia she is assisted by a immortal super human and a android. her rival is a succubus who works for demon king Lucifer Beelzebub. here Gaia is the all powerful all seeing all knowing creator goddess for this universe where the main characters live in. Gaia also has a daughter named Sylph who is a angel that looks like a doll with a magical wand.

  • Gaia is actually a human from the earth who created a new dimension from her imagination her real name is Mary she created a world called xylem and went to this world by using science and magic to create this new other world.

  • she was assisted by soldiers, colonels, admirals, spies, generals, close protection officers, detectives, police officers, hunters, prison guards, mercenaries, mall cops, snipers, ambassadors, councilors, presidents, prime ministers, bikers, bus drivers, race car drivers, taxi drivers, truck drivers, bass players, guitar players, fiddle players, viola players, organists, pianists, singers, harmonica players, conductors, drum players, record producers, porn stars, comedians, voice artists, dancers, disc jockeys, manga artists, painters, professional photographers, inventors, researchers, hangmen, company executives, public servants, social workers, coders, engineers, innkeepers, bookkeepers, business workers, secretaries, bounty hunters, fishers, priestesses, monks, nuns, priests, captains, flight attendants, journalists, prostitutes, trainers, nursery school teachers, gym teachers, head teachers, student club advisers, private teachers, archaeologists, cheerleaders, florists, lawyers, shopkeepers, pilots, communication officers, merchants, construction workers, bakers, farmers, mechanics, technicians, shop clerks, bartenders, cooks, models, guides, video game developers, mafia bosses, gang leaders, musical band leaders, mob bosses, serial killers, terrorists, thieves, physicians, nurses, novel writers, hairstylists, cosmeticians, manicurists, dorm managers, waiters, archers, baseball players, bodybuilders, boxers, ballet dancers, strippers, gladiators, football players, soccer players, golfers, gymnasts, demon hunters, zombie hunters, vampire hunters, paranormal investigators, ice hockey players, kick boxers, judo artists, karate experts, sumo wrestlers, professional wrestlers, skiers, stunt performers, surfers, swimmers, tennis players, track and field athletes, volleyball players, professors, accountants, acrobats, cartoonists, chefs, contortion artists, jugglers, jesters, mimes, directors, barbers, composers, jazz singers, rappers, rock stars, sculptors, magicians, storytellers, poets, scribes, astronauts, bankers, hotel managers, real estate brokers, market stallholders, firefighters, lieutenants, sergeants , sheriffs, plumbers, chimney sweeps, consultants, dentists, and other normal humans who were drained of their energy to create a new world.

  • in another harem anime we meet a normal perverted young man who works for a special secret government agency in the near future where monsters live together with humans we meet a vampire girl, a busty succubus, a sexy hot witch, a snow girl, a werewolf boy, a crow girl, a nine tailed fox girl, a spider girl, a beautiful mermaid, a slug monster who is half male and half female, an orc girl, a long necked monster girl, a slime girl, a cat girl, a gorgon girl, a snake girl, a giant half octopus half squid half human girl, a cute fairy girl, a female doppelganger, a siren girl, a lizard girl, a magical girl, a ghost girl, a robot girl, a martial artist girl who is half demon, a ninja girl who has a male talking ermine, a fire spirit girl, a cat girl, a dragon girl, a female talking bear, a sheep girl, a female angel, a pretty Valkyrie girl, a elf girl, a pirate girl, a sexy female mad scientist, a necromancer girl, a psychic girl, and a alien girl.

  • i think a wonderful new idea about a harem anime is featuring a mad scientist named Elijah and his beautiful teenage adopted daughter who is half demon and half human she has long claret hair, her eye color is teal green, she has sharp teeth, horns on her head, she has pointy ears, a forked tongue, claw like sharp nails, and a tail she also has super large breasts and light brown skin from her human side. her biological father was a demon king and a human shrine maiden. her name is Lilith she usually wears no clothing expect for a collar and a apron she is a perverted slutty young girl. she also use a tight rope like bondage outfit made from magical ribbons that she can change into any type of clothing or accessories she desires.

  • here Lilith goes to a special school called saint Gabriel academy where snake girls, spider girls, crab monster girls, ogres, slime girls, fly monster girls, cat girls, harpies, mimics, mermaids, werewolves, giants, snow girls, robots, genies, grim reapers, nine tailed fox spirits, dragons, ghosts, zombies, demons, cupids, dwarfs, mandrake girls, cyborgs, elves, unicorns, aliens, gods and goddesses, Valkyries,angels, fairies, clones, cyclopes, ninjas, pirates, knights, samurais , clowns, alchemists, witches, nuns, shrine maidens, psychics, fortune tellers, and magical girls all go to this school.

  • in another strange harem anime we meet a normal teenage boy named Samuel Richardson who discovers a new alien species called nymphs of the stratosphere these aliens look like human girls expect they have wings on their heads and can telepathically communicate with human beings this alien species have no genitals but instead use their anuses to copulate with humans or each other these alien beings also leek out from the anuses a fruit scented liquid. this species of aliens can also pass through solid objects and run at superhuman speed.

  • another strange harem anime we feature a normal businessman named Constance who dies and is reborn as a knight wearing a green suit of armor he carries a golden fleece and a holy grail like cup he meets a amazon girl, a female banshee, a female basilisk, a female brownie, a female centaur, a female chimera monster girl, a female cupid, a beautiful cyclops girl, a female dragon, a sexy dryad girl, a cute female dwarf, a pretty elf girl, a sexy elf girl, a ghoul girl, a giant girl, a female gnome, a sexy female goblin, a sexy gorgon girl, a pretty griffin girl, a sexy harpy girl, a hydra girl, a sexy female genie, a cute leprechaun girl, a pretty Minotaur like beast girl, a sexy three headed dog girl, a cute nymph girl, a sexy female ogre, a pretty phoenix girl,a sexy pixie girl, a cute satyr girl, a sexy siren girl, a beautiful sphinx girl, a sexy titan girl, a cute troll girl, a sexy half unicorn half human girl, a beautiful Valkyrie girl, and a cute witch girl descended from a long family tree of wizards.

  • i would love the idea of a normal 36 year old man named Adam Richardson who becomes a teacher in a special school located in another dimension where vampires, ghosts, mummies, necromancers, banshees, ghouls, zombies, mad scientists, werewolves, mermaids, angels, grim reapers, dragons, witches, hunchbacks, dwarfs, invisible people, yeti, giant crabs, giant squid, giant mutant sharks, kappa, living umbrella monsters, cyclopes, nine tailed foxes, doppelgangers, trolls, giants, fairies, cat girls, ogres, snow girls, giant spiders, lizard folk, demons, slime girls, aliens, and evil monstrous serial killers dressed like clowns or in a hockey mask and carrying a chainsaw.

  • well i got a story about a sixteen year old man named Adam who meets a long red haired half demon girl with dark skin she has super large breasts, horns, fangs, a forked tongue, pointy ears, and pair of claws named Lilith and her half angel half human sister named Morgan who has a halo and angel or fairy like wings. we also meet a half werewolf half human named Ruth who has fur and dog like ears.

  • well i my own harem anime features a normal 36 year old handsome rich inventor and researcher Dr William Sanitarian he invents a machine that can give super powers like accelerated healing,slowing of age, the ability of duplication, the ability to control air and wind, the ability to control ice and cold, the ability to control earth and stone, the ability to control electricity, the ability to control magnetism, the ability to control fire and heat, the ability to control metal, the ability to control plants, the ability to control weather, the ability of empathy, the ability of precognition, the ability of clairvoyance, the ability to sense danger, superhuman senses, the ability of telepathy, the ability to turn invisible, the ability of telekinesis, the ability of hypnosis, the ability of mind control, other physic abilities, the ability to control darkness and shadow, the ability to control gravity, the ability to become intangible, the ability to control light, the ability to control radiation, solar flares, and nuclear energy, the ability to control sound, the ability to control time, the ability to control space, the ability to stretch incredible lengths, to ability to change size, super human speed, superhuman strength, and the ability to transfer matter or energy from one place to another. he decides to recruit young teenagers from a local all girls school to fight against his brother Dr Harry Sanitarian who wants to use his own army of super soldiers, mutant octopuses, squid, illusionists, druids, magicians, genies, shamans, necromancers, elves, gnomes, spiritual mediums, occult and physic detectives, werewolves, slime monsters, cyborgs, giants, trolls, and ogres to take over the world. he is assisted by his half cat half human mutant adopted daughter Lucy. he also wants to steal the energy of our heroines to create a race of highly evolved super soldiers to replace mankind.

  • in another new harem anime we feature a normal sixteen year old guy named Adam and his sister nine year old sister Lucy one day their father Dan codifiers is a scientist he discovered a strange dimension where androids, dragons, gargoyles, giants, ogres, trolls, goblins, orcs, leprechauns, mermaids, dryads, nymphs, satyrs, vampires, werewolves, centaurs, dwarfs, elves, gnomes, genies, mutants, yeti, harpies, sirens, sphinxes, angels, demons, grim reapers, ghosts, phoenixes, aliens, zombies, mummies, unicorns, griffins, gods, goddesses, cyborgs, clones, mad scientists, pirates, magical girls, and other bizarre things exist called the transcendence.

  • i think a new harem anime would feature a young adventure seeking man named Paul who discovers a strange world where amazons,banshees, basilisks, brownies, centaurs, half human half coyote girls, chimeras, cupids, cyclopes, dragons, dryads, dwarfs, elves, fairies, ghouls, giants, gnomes, goblins, gorgons, griffins, harpies, hydras, genies, half human half kelp mutant girls, leprechauns, Minotaur like beasts, Cerberus like hell hounds, nymphs, ogres, phoenixes, pixies, satyrs, sirens, sphinxes, titans, trolls, unicorns, Valkyries, green armored knights, witches, and wizards all live in peace ruled by a all powerful half goddess half human queen who rides a winged horse and her council of princesses from each tribe in this world called Camelot. they recruit the young man from the human world of earth so he can become the new king of Camelot.

  • in another harem anime we have a sixteen year old perverted boy named Alex who meets a beautiful naked female robot named pinkie who has super human strength, speed and heat vision she looks like a human female with big breasts Alex later gives pinkie a old sheet to cover herself she also gets 3 adhesive pieces of tape each in a different color one breast has a red one, the other is blue to act as a replacement for a bra and her bottom piece of tape is yellow as her panties. her sheet is white in color she later also gets a black ribbon to put on her pink hair.

  • in another bizarre harem anime we feature a 36 year old perverted butler named Philip belonging to a queen named Lucy who is sixteen years old physically but her real age is 741 years old she has a floor length hair, cyan or teal colored eyes, she has super large breasts, she has light brown skin, she has fangs, a pair of horns, a forked tongue, a tail, and pointed ears she is half demon and half human. she has a half angel half fairy sister who has wings and a halo named Morgan. we also meet her maid a werewolf girl named Venus who has a pair of sharp claws, fur, and dog like ears. then we meet a female cyborg with detachable prosthetic body parts named pinkie. then finally we have a androgynous hermaphroditic alien named Sears who has tentacles, antenna, a big penis, and big breasts this creature has both male and female sexual organs. this alien also has feathers and scales. sears can also lookalike a human being that is biologically half male and half female. sears can also give birth to eggs when pregnant.

  • i think in my new harem anime idea i would feature a man named Arthur who lives in the year December 31 2060 he is the founder of a superhero team to defeat a evil alien named emperor Lucifer Mephistopheles Beelzebub he wants to get the mystical power balls that were on the earth for thousands of years each was given to animal guardians by an alien called storekeeper like a ferret, a rabbit, a fox, a octopus, a squid, a sheep, a mouse, a goat, a spider, a parrot, a cat, a pony, a bear, a dog, a lion, and some kind of primate. Arthur is a zoologist who finds all the missing power balls and gives them to teenage girls to stop the evil alien emperor Lucifer Mephistopheles Beelzebub and his evil army of snake girls, spider girls, ogres, fly monster girls, slime monster girls, cat monster girls, crab monster girls, hounds from hell, mimics, snow girls, giants, crow monster girls, raven monster girls, mermaids, robots, living dolls, genies, grim reapers, clones, demons, succubi, dragons, ghosts, zombies, cupids, dwarfs, cyborgs, elves, winged horses, unicorns, mandrake monster girls, cyclopes, fairies, and vampires. there is also angels, Valkyries , gods, goddesses, ninjas, pirates, knights, samurais, shrine maidens, nuns, exorcists, monks, priests, clowns, alchemists, witches, physics, fortune tellers, and alien mafia like gangs that assist the young girls to stop the evil alien emperor and his enslaved armies each wear a special collar on the necks that must be broken off to stop their chaotic activities on the earth.

  • we also meet a magical girl who was a former queen she is now second in command of emperor Lucifer Mephistopheles Beelzebub’s armies she was captured along with her personal maids and butlers all turned into servants of this wicked dictator. his evil army now wants to conquer earth and force humankind to submit to him or die. emperor Lucifer has bat like wings, fangs, horns, a forked tongue, light brown skin, red long hair, a pair of claws he can turn into a more abominable form with antenna and tentacles he once had a halo, angelic wings, and immortal life til he rebelled against a all powerful all knowing being named Jehovah Elohim Allah Baal Brahman Buddha Marduk Mithra who leads a council of wise representatives from different planets. he launched what is called the genesis project where he had to wipe out the dinosaurs and began using genes from his various supernatural friends to be injected into primitive humans to make them evolve to the current race of humans. Jehovah also has a wife named Mary who has super large breasts, a one turquoise eye, and the other is teal she is very beautiful. they have multiple children the oldest is who the one we know as Jesus Christ who lived on earth to save mankind in 33 ad and died on the cross as a human then became his supernatural form Gabriel Archangel then in his supernatural form stayed on earth til 70 ad to get married and have children later in 1967 a descendant of Jesus Christ named Lilith was born .

  • Arthur also has a foster daughter who has detachable prosthetic legs and arms her name is Morgan she was a former slave to the evil alien emperor Lucifer and she has body piercings, scars all over the rest of her body her arms and legs were cut off and she was given prosthetic artificial arms and legs she was captured as the first human slave to the evil alien emperor at the age of one til she was 16 and rescued by Arthur she is also blind and deaf she is also depressed, suffers delusions, paranoia, psychosis, psychological trauma, insanity, and split personalities another young alien slave with feathers and scales wearing nothing but a collar, body paint, a long shirt and pasties is also rescued her name is Ruth and she become the second adopted child to Arthur Ruth has amnesia, weak memory, is afraid of men and women during the day but at night she is addicted to sex a hoarder and has an inferiority complex.

  • we also have another rescued alien slave girl who can die frequently from asthma, anemia, bone fractures, electric shock, and severe wounds from murder then resurrects due to her ability of regeneration she often has headaches, weakness, and faints due to constant terminal illness her name is Delilah then another slave girl is rescued who is frequently raped, bind with shackles, likes being whipped, pierced and branded by her master emperor Lucifer she also has large breasts that lactate her name is Rochester. another slave girl is a albino muscular tall slim androgynous hermaphrodite with big breasts and large penis plus can lay eggs. another person we meet is a wrinkled old man with freckles, tan lines, a mole, is very ugly and obese he serves as the new guardian of the power balls in the year 3239 when Lucifer is defeated and sent to a prison dimension his name is Noah. he lives with his own adopted daughter who is descended from one of the slaves on Lucifer’s spaceship who has a tail, animal like ears, fur, and big breasts named Venus who wears nothing but a collar and a apron.

  • Venus is also left handed and has six extra fingers on each hand and six extra toes on each foot. she can transform into a four legged werewolf like form.

  • we also meet other monsters like amazons, banshees, basilisks, brownies, centaurs, chimeras, dryads, ghouls, gnomes, goblins, gorgons, griffins, hydras, kelp monsters, Minotaur like beast men and women, nymphs, leprechauns, phoenixes, pixies, satyrs, sirens, sphinxes, titans, trolls, wizards, mummies, hunchbacks, yetis, leviathans, behemoths, kappa, living umbrella monsters, nine tailed foxes, long necked girls, thunder beasts, orcs, half human half bird like aliens, half human half cat like aliens, half human half bee like aliens, reptilian aliens, mole men, peacock girls, half human half pig like aliens, half human half rat like aliens, half human half shark mutants, half human half snake mutants, half human half plant mutants, living rock statues, gargoyles, doppelgangers, and headless horsemen who are controlled by an evil human mad scientist named Dr Dracula Frankenstein the Victorious who wants to continue the goals of emperor Lucifer to take over the universe so new humans are chosen to combat him. then years later Dr victorious is defeated now in the year 11120 peace is once again restored now with even more creatures now living together with humanity.

  • we also meet druids, prophets, telepathic tech geniuses, people with the ability to duplicate themselves, people who can control air and wind, people who can control ice and cold, people who can control earth and stone, people who can control electricity and magnetism, people who can control fire and heat, people who can manipulate metal, people who can control water, people can control weather, people who can use telekinesis, necromancers, shamans, hypnotists, illusionists, stage magicians, occult detectives, people who can manipulate darkness and shadows, people who can control gravity, people who can become intangible, people who can manipulate light, people who can control nuclear power and radiation, people who can manipulate probability, people who can manipulate sound, people who can control time and space, people who can stretch themselves to incredible lengths, people who can change size, people with super speed, and people with super strength in the year 11120.

  • in another good idea for a harem anime would feature a immortal spirit like demon king, a skeleton henchman, a cursed magical book, a artificially created human, a living wand, and a half human half demon boy named Damien, a android named pinkie, a living planet named Gaia, a giant robot and its pilot, and a normal teenage guy named Gino Paramours

  • another good idea for a harem anime is feature a researcher named Dr Finnegan Hamlin from the united states of america he loves to travel the world he is 36 years old he goes on adventures to china, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Australia, France, Iran, Russia, Britain, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, Greece, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Nepal, Israel, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Finland, Macedonia, and Vietnam he travels together with his half Hispanic half native american wife he also loves to visit Poland, Lithuania, Belgium, the Czech republic, and Switzerland later he a teacher with new foreign exchange students.

  • in another idea for a harem anime or manga would feature a normal guy named John Smithson who become a innkeeper of a haunted hotel where all kinds of monsters and legendary creatures go to for vacations this hotel is located somewhere in Hungary or Romania.

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