5 Most Bizarre Anime Products

Product tie-ins are nothing new, but sometimes anime shows up in the most unexpected places. Can you top this list of some of the most head-scratchingly bizaare anime products?



luffy batteries
credit: viewster

There’s no doubt Luffy would beat the Energizer Bunny in a fight, but One Piece batteries? Really?



credit: Etsy – EmpatheticElephant

Sure, soap comes in all sorts of shapes and scents, but there’s just something about the concept of rubbing a Sailor Scout in your armpits that doesn’t seem right…



titan ferrari
credit: otakumode

If this Colossal Titan Ferrari pulled up behind you on the highway, you just might have a heart attack. This sportscar is probably singly responsible for 80% of roadway decapitations.



credit: GundamGuy

These cans look pretty cool, but what does Gundam cola even taste like? Motor oil?



credit: Super-Groupies

Yep, anime hairdryers. They exist. This Cardcaptor Sakura hairdryer is out there, just waiting to dry your damp hair with pizzaz.


Can you top this list with your own bizarre and unique anime findings? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook, or by commenting below.


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