5 Movie Sequels That Should Have Never Happened

There are lists all over the place. We see them everywhere, and the box office still makes bank on them. We’re speaking, of course, about terrible sequels. Now, we aren’t talking about obvious marketing ploys such as Nightmare on Elm Street 23 (or whatever number they stopped at), or the never ending addition to Transformers—we’re talking about some of the movies that tried to slide in with the success of their first film … and were completely unnecessary. Let’s get started.


S. Darko

Something about the alternative storyline/thoughts of the world ending in a young man’s troubled life didn’t wrap up well according to the studios. Maybe Frank the Rabbit messed with their heads and made them start writing a new script? Who knows what exactly happened. But didn’t the original movie wrap up most loose ends? Would you even want to watch any ‘Darko’ film without the Gyllenhaal siblings?



Weekend at Bernie’s II

Unless it’s Neil Patrick Harris’ twisted dreams (pictured below), then we want nothing to do with it. Don’t get us wrong, carrying around the dead body of your boss in order to score chicks and hang out at an awesome beach house is fine for a few hours. But after the first film wrapped up, and the ’80s were over, who really can believe Bernie’s body is still comically floating around for another whacky adventure?!

Couldn't we have gotten 'Weekend at Barney's' instead?
Couldn’t we have gotten ‘Weekend at Barney’s’ instead?


American Psycho 2

Besides having two recognisable main characters, (Mila Kunis and William Shatner), we don’t really know why this film was made—besides to make more money. The psychological insights that Patrick Bateman gave us are gone, and the social commentary of the ’90s Yuppie class are totally forgotten. Honestly, we can’t even tell what some of the themes are in this sequel. Maybe it could have done better if it wasn’t connected to the original – although it does have 100% less Phil Collins.

odd casting choices
Odd casting choices.

The Ring Two

Wasn’t the ending of the original the moment that really stuck with us? I mean, Naomi Watts discovers that copying the video saves her, yet screws over the next person… er… in this case, the entire audience. The scariest stuff is the idea of leaving questions unanswered and the characters alive. However the urge to never let a horror movie die after one movie got the best of them.

We don't know whether to give her lotion or a towel
We don’t know whether to give her lotion or a towel.

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

Prequels rarely work, but this prequel was so off that it’s gotten us worried about the new sequel that’s in the works. Despite the original’s cult following, we don’t know anyone who likes or even appreciates this film—IMDb confirms. Hopefully we can just erase the younger Lloyd and Harry look-alikes from our memory and look forward to Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels being in the upcoming REAL sequel Dumb and Dumber To.

from the original movie—we don't want to taint your eyes with the prequel
from the original movie  we don’t want to taint your eyes with the prequel.

Which unnecessary sequel do you think sucked the most, and why? Drop a comment below.


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