5 Most Popular Dating Apps in Japan

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Dating can be hard for anyone. Dating in Japan offers its own unique challenges. In a country that is now famous for their low birthrates, dating and creating new families is actually pretty crucial to them as a society. In the past, the Japanese have been somewhat resistant adopting the new dating app culture. There were various scandals involving companies charging men for communicating with women that didn’t actually exist. They would charge subscription fees and the paying customer would never actually meet anyone. Today, the young people of Japan are becoming more willing to give these new legitimate dating apps a try.

  1. Tinder-Swipe right or swipe left, it can’t get more simple than that. The simplicity of Tinder is the biggest reason for its continued success worldwide. Tinder also allows for more customization of your interests than other apps. Whether you’re gay, straight, bisexual, or even just looking for a platonic friend, it allows for the needs of any user.
  2. OkCupid Japan-OkCupid relies on their algorithms to make connections between all their various users. You answer questions and the more you answer the more precise their picks for you become. The questions range from serious to benign, but the more honest you are the better your selections will be. All of these questions also give you something interesting to strike up a conversation with your potential mates.
  3. Tapple-This app is more about establishing long term relationships. It also requires men to pay a fee in order to message the women on the app. There’s no algorithm that matches clients, but you can select shared interests like music, art, or dining out. This and the next two apps are primarily in Japanese and aren’t the most accessible for foreigners or English-only speakers.
  4. Omiai-Omiai connects to your Facebook account to reduce scams and making signing up easier. This is another one for people looking for a serious relationship and less casual dating. The process lets you set up your own preferences for your possible mate; like income, body type, education, and nationality. It is a very professional way of customizing your interests and running your dating life.
  5. Pairs-This app is younger than the rest on this list, but it is growing in popularity. It also uses Facebook to set up your profile and it has become a popular choice among those looking for long term commitments. The design and aesthetic of the app lean towards women applicants which is actually surprising rare. One of the most difficult things about these dating apps is attracting enough women.

Finding a new partner or loved one can be a challenging process, but hopefully apps like these make it easier and a bit more fun.


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