6 Video Games Begging For An Anime Series

6 Video Games Begging For An Anime Series
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Some video games are made into an anime, and they suck.

Everyone is left wondering – why? Why punish the world with something so atrocious? (I’m looking at you, Devil May Cry.)

Other games are perfectly suited for the big screen, but never get the anime makeover. They have enchanting stories and fascinating characters that would make excellent shows, yet years go by and we get nothing.

In order to help said studios out, here are 6 games Рanime adaptations that we (the world) have been waiting for:

Zero Horizon Dawn
ZHD has all the elements you want from anime – sci-fi/fantasy setting, action/adventure story, giant animal robots… But we’ve heard nothing so far. Granted, it was just released a few months ago, so I’ll be patient before getting serious with my complaints.

The Witcher

This one would take practically no work for a studio to adapt for the screen. After three badass games there’s loads of characters, backstory, and plot to work with. Translating it into anime would be effortless. Just find an art studio, choose a plot to script, and get cracking!

The Last Guardian
TLG might seem like a poor choice for an anime. Most Team Ico games are heavy on ambiance, but lacking in the story department. But just imagine what Studio Ghibli could do with this! With just a little character development, team Ghibli could rely on their attention to detail to fill in the gaps. I bet this combo would be gut-wrenching emotional.



Samus Aran seems like the prefect candidate, so why hasn’t it been done before? Probably because Nintendo has been hesitant to bridge into animation, but that may soon change with the recent announcement that they’re adapting Kirby, Star Fox, and even Yoshi into anime. Why not Metroid, dammit, why not Metroid?!


Another title that’d take very little to turn into an anime. Overwatch is already loaded with characters, all of which have unique backstories and personalities. And with less plot restrictions, writers have a blank canvas to fill in. Everything else they need is there – unique art style, large fan-base, and lots and lots of guns.

Tomb Raider
Laura Croft DID have a short-lived animated show in the west, but seems destined for an anime makeover. She shoots stuff, which is pretty popular in anime. She’s well-endowed, which I hear is popular. She does back flips, so there’s that. One suggestion to the future creators of the Tomb Raider anime – give fanboys what they really want. And by that I mean, forget the dialogue and complex plot – go for fan-service. It’s what made her popular to begin with!

What game would you like to see get the anime treatment? List ’em in the comments.






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