7 Skip Beat Characters To Watch Out For

Hey everyone, how was your holiday season? This year I decided to start a new tradition of plopping down in front of the fire and marathoning one of the many anime series here on Viewster. This year I chose the series Skip Beat and absolutely fell in love with it. Charming and filled with life, this series kept my eyes glued on my monitor for hours upon hours and wouldn’t let me go!

Originally airing back in 2008, Skip Beat is a sweet Cinderella story about a girl who moves to Tokyo from Kyoto with her childhood friend, Sho. This girl named Kyoko proceeds to work endlessly in order to support her loser friend as he attempts to become a celebrity. Then she finds out that he doesn’t actually care for her at all and was just using her as a maid and someone who could pay his living expenses which causes Kyoko to vow revenge. What method of revenge does she choose? She decides that she’s going to spend the next 25 episodes trying to enter the world of show business and become an even bigger star than Sho!

One of the best things about this series is the vast cast of characters which inhabit this world. From the kindly owners of the restaurant that Kyoko lives in to her direct rivals within the same agency as her, there is no shortage of cool and quirky characters to fall in love with.

If I haven’t already convinced you to go check out this series I’ve compiled a list of just a few of the many fun characters you’ll meet within this series that help Kyoko out the most in her times of need.


Ren Tsuruga

What’s a good shoujo series without a dashing and handsome love interest to keep things interesting? Ren originally starts as kind of a prat which only inspires Kyoko to pursue acting even more seriously so that she can show up Ren as well as Sho. By the halfway point of the series though, Ren becomes much more than that. He becomes a confidant and even something of a mentor to Kyoko helping her grow and stay motivated to continue on even when things are at their most hopeless.

Darumaya Owner

Before there was Ren, there was the owner of the restaurant where Kyoko worked and lived. Though largely the silent type, the owner of the restaurant was never afraid to interject with a sharp word of praise or disappointment when he felt that Kyoko needed it.

Kanae Kotonami

Because of Sho, Kyoko didn’t grow up with a lot of friends her own age. Or really any at all. When she is first introduced into the series, the last thing you’d ever expect her to become is Kyoko’s best friend! A serious girl, Kanae initially sees Kyoko as nothing more than a rival but soon comes to consider her a friend thanks to some wild adventures that the pair have together at work.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 14.29.48


Maria Takarada

When we first meet Maria there is absolutely no way to know just how impactful her scene is going to be later on. Even though she’s only a child, Maria has had plenty of tragedy in her life that makes her the perfect special project for Kyoko and Kanae. Be sure to pay extra special attention to episode eight in order to hear the special tale of Maria.

President Takarada

It’s hard to use any word to describe the president of LME as anything but eccentric. In love with various cultures from around the world (particularly middle eastern), the president is known to show up to the agency’s headquarters in full garb while riding a camel! Behind his eccentricities though, President Takarada has a soft spot for Kyoko and her costars and isn’t afraid to give them all some fatherly advice and career wisdom along the way. Never too hard or too soft, the President truly knows best.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 14.35.10

Sawara Takenori

Poor, poor Sawara. When Kyoko enters LME in order to become a star, he’s the one that she zeroes in on in order to make that dream into a reality. I’m certain that when he got up that morning and headed to work he had absolutely no idea what would be waiting for him otherwise I’m sure that he would’ve stayed in bed. No matter, after finally seeing her talents and the fire within her he gives Kyoko her first chance to succeed.

Ushio Kurosaki

When her career isn’t moving fast enough Kyoko decides to take matters into her own hands and auditions for a commercial. While the process isn’t nearly as easy as she thinks it will be, she’s given a chance to shine by the director of the commercial after he refuses to let his casting decision be swayed by money or family influence. It’s from this point that Kyoko’s life starts an upward trajectory and a big reason for that was this man.


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