A new challenger approaches! Enter Street Fighter!

Step into the melee and follow the adventures of the various Street Fighter through not only one, but two brand new titles that we have for you all to enjoy here on Viewster! We recently added both Street Fighter: The New Challengers & Street Fighter: Round One – FIGHT! to our streaming line-up. For those who have never heard of the series Street Fighter then allow for me to educate you! Street Fighter is a popular side-scrolling fighter developed by the game studio Capcom. In the games you take control of one of many fighters and you blaze through levels in a fury of kicks and punches. It has gone one to inspire many short animated series as well as merchandise! The two animated-comic series are short episode runs that tell the story of the in-game character factions through the diverse roster of characters that we all have come to love; from Ryu to Chun-Li.

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The animated-comics are an extension of the actual comics themselves; just with slightly different styling and animations.They also give the viewer a window in the the games providing any curious individual the chance to learn a bit about the characters from the popular gaming series! The first animated comic on this list Street Fighter: The New Challengers follows the comic of the same name from publisher Udon just in a fashion of voice dialogue and animated fights when the animated comic calls for a more diverse sense of movement. While not overly flashy it is a phenomenal and frankly different style of animation to watch; it helps if you played the games too! Not saying you won’t enjoy it if you have not played the games you may just have a slightly better grasp of the characters and their situation.

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The second aforementioned animated-comic Street Fighter: Round One – Fight! Is actually the first out of the two animated-comics. Having popped up in 2009 and is likewise based on the same comic from publisher Udon. While again unique and different, it has a style that I love and adore. The voice work is fun and varied and won’t wear you out over a period of time. Both shows finish up in either 8 or 6 episodes so they don’t drag out as long as to what we are more used to from other anime or animations. With that being said they are great for watching if you are thinking about hosting a Street Fighter party anytime soon! Just remember to invite us if you do! A few of us happen to enjoy the games just as much as we do these animations! Both Street Fighter: The New Challengers & Street Fighter: Round One – Fight! Are available for streaming Worldwide!

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