A Letter From Our Editor: Sorry For The Hiccup!

Hey everyone,

As you probably noticed over the last week, access to our blog has been…. Challenging. Efforts to access anime news left readers pulling out their hair. An entire fandom population was left to plan their eventual trips to Japan SANS snack lists, giant statue references, cultural fun facts.

Here’s what happened:

In short, we had a sh*t ton of queries on our blog. We would’ve figured it out sooner, but Easter came… And for those of you in Europe, you know that means 4 days of pure work-free bliss.

Us when we eventually discovered the problem:

As a solution, we had our tech wizards make our blog’s instance type more powerful,  with bigger bandwidth.

And now it’s back. And it’s bigger. And it’s better.

We’re sorry for the frustration. Thanks for all of you who continued to click even when getting smacked in the face, and thanks to all of you who are reading this even though you never even noticed the problem.




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