A Second Japanese Holiday for Love: White Day

For those who aren’t aware, today is White Day in Japan! What is White Day you ask? Well, on February 14th girls all over the country give chocolates to guys they know and/or like. One month later is White Day where boys return the favor by giving gifts to girls they know and/or like. The event was first celebrated in Japan in the late 70’s and has since grown into an annual tradition celebrated in multiple Asian countries. So why am I telling you this? Because you’re out of time friend! You have to choose which girl you want to give a gift to like right now!

Don’t have the faintest idea which girl deserves some love this year? Luckily for you I’ve compiled a list of females that would love to receive a White Day present from you!


Nona – Death Parade

Just because she’s god doesn’t mean that she doesn’t appreciate gifts just like any other woman who has lived for (probably) centuries. Just make sure that you’re not giving her anything cheap; she wouldn’t appreciate that.

DeathParade 4.7

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Ange – Cross Ange

Ange has had a rough time for the last few weeks… you know with that whole thing with members of her family being killed right in front of her before she is sent off to live as a slave on a remote island to pilot a mecha and fight dragons. While I’m sure she’d rather have something from Tusk, I’m sure that she’d be willing to settle for a gift from you so have a heart and make her your choice this White Day.


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Sakura Matou – Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works

Another girl who has had a rough life, Sakura is the perfect choice for those of you out there who want to go out of your way to heal a heart that has scars on it. Torn from her original family at a young age, Sakura only has Shirou to help her through the tough times right now but maybe if she met someone new who was ready to give themselves over to her (with gifts in hand of course) she might begin to heal a little.

fatestay suz

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Suzume Saotome – Hyakko

Just bring her food. Lots and lots of food and you’ll be fine. Trust me on this.

Hyakko 11

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Aki Mikage – Silver Spoon

Do something different and special for Aki. Instead of bringing her food, bring a nice big bucket of carrots for her horse. She’ll appreciate the gesture and it’ll score you some big points I’m sure.

silver spoon

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Which girl do you want to give White Day presents to? Sound off in the comments and let us know!



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