Am I The Only Anime Fan That Can’t Use Chopsticks?!

learn to use chopsticks

Ok. As you all know by now, anime has a pretty heavy focus on Japanese culture, since well, it’s a Japanese creation.

It offers people like me (who have NEVER been to Japan) an opportunity to experience a taste of Japanese culture. Yes, it’s not always accurate, but it’s a taste.

sushi and chopsticksYou’ve probably noticed that chopsticks play a major part in Japanese dining. They efficient, true to culture and damn badass.

Every time I eat in an Asian restaurant, I push myself to use chopsticks throughout the entire meal, no matter how much food I drop/get on my face. I want to be true to tradition!

Well if you’re like me and years later still struggling… These tips are for you. The basics:

  1. There are about 6 different ways you can hold chopsticks. Pick the most comfortable, you won’t get judged for it.
  2. You get major props just for trying, so quit feeling silly!
  3. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

… BTW, if it’s any consolation, lots of Japanese locals aren’t doing it properly, either. You got this.

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