Amazing Sailor Moon Products; Horrifying Attack on Titan Products

Image: Attack on Titan/Nissin Ramen Promo Video

We’ve covered bizarre Japanese products before, and even some bizarre anime product branding. But this week, I thought we’d pick two anime in particular—Sailor Moon and Attack on Titan. Because while Sailor Moon continues to kill it, the Attack on Titan marketing team might need to lay off the cough syrup.

Sailor Moon Engagement Rings


This is just damn adorable. If I were planning on getting engaged, and my girlfriend loved Sailor Moon, I’d highly consider this ring. These rings come in two varieties: Platinum and Silver. The center stone is synthetic corundum (fancy words for a fake ruby/sapphire). The side stones in the platinum ring are diamonds while the Silver Ring contains white topaz. The ring comes in a heart-shaped box which says,

Let’s get married, Usa.

The Platinum Ring costs ¥162,000 (~$1500) while the Silver Ring costs ¥28,080 (~$260). If you have any interest in getting one, hurry! Pre-orders stop when the website has reached their quota (whatever that is).

Sailor Moon Eye Drops


Beginning on June 22, the Rhoto Lycee brand of eye drops will begin selling Sailor Moon themed eyedrops throughout Japan. The branding for these products is damn cool, but a tad expensive. The drops, depending on which ones you buy will cost anywhere from ¥550-¥1200 ($5-$11.) I understand this is a tad bizarre and double what anyone should pay, but have you ever tried Rohto eyedrops? They are absolutely worth it.

Graham and Viewster are not affiliated with Rohto in any capacity. It’s just a kick-ass eyedrop.


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