And the Awards for Best Fall Simulcasts Goes To…

It’s a very sad time. Not only have we bid farewell to another year but we’re also bidding farewell to another season of anime. Over the course of three months we met many characters. Some of them were amazing and beautiful and some of them were perverted and annoying but even still we’ll always remember them in some deep, dark part of our brains.

So with the passing of a new season I wanted to take a few moments to bestow some awards on those that have left us (until we get second season announcements at least).


Most Awkward Situations – Trinity Seven

I admittedly didn’t enjoy Trinity Seven nearly as much as I thought I would. It started with promise but quickly squandered it in exchange for bathroom jokes and breast groping. You have to admit though that when it really wanted to create a weird or generally awkward situation, Trinity Seven was able to go all out to create one. Plus this is a series that stayed true to its original premise and tone all the way up to its final moments which is more than you can say for some other series which aired this season. Trinity Seven wasn’t a masterpiece but it got the job done.


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Best Show About Nothing – Girl Friend BETA

I think that had Girlfriend BETA tried to tell an overarching story arc that tied everything together it would’ve been better but even still, there’s nothing wrong with a slice of life that has no desire to tell a story beyond ‘Cute girls doing cute things’ and this is why Girlfriend BETA wins this award.In order to be an effective slice of life series, you have to have characters that the audience actually wants to follow around. No one wants to follow around boring heroines. Luckily for this series, the cast was so incredibly large that statistically you had to figure that at least some of the heroines would be interesting enough for the audience to want to get to know them better and in this case that ended up being displayed with the ‘something for everyone’ spread of heroines to choose from.

GFB Ep7 cr

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Most Memorable Characters/Premise – When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

In the time that this series did run, When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace did a great job with its cast of characters and the original premise. Starting off with such a high amount of promise, it’s pretty remarkable that throughout the entire first half the characters remained one of the best parts of the series week after week.

Months and years down the road I’m going to remember two things about this series; the bad side which is the Fairy War storyline introduced in the middle and the good side which is the wonderful characters that helped me forget about that stupid storyline that shouldn’t have been introduced in the first place.

Inou_screenshots_#06 (2)cr

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Best Show You Weren’t Watching – Laughing Under The Clouds

Captivating is a good word for this quiet little period piece about three brothers. Quiet and captivating. Sharing with us a well told drama, Laughing Under The Clouds went unnoticed by a large percentage of anime fans around the world who gave up on it far too quickly. Had they stuck with it they would’ve seen something that was more than worth their time and energy to watch.

Laughing Under The Clouds is destined to become one of those series that years down the line fans will be kicking themselves for not watching it when it was first airing.


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Best Show You Were Watching – Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]

When the season was first beginning I called this my most anticipated show of the season which, you have to admit, puts a lot of pressure on a series to be good. I’m happy to say that Fate/Stay Night not only met up with all of my expectations, they surpassed them by leaps and bounds. Matching the amazing animation created by studio ufotable up with the beautiful music of Hideyuki Fukasawa and strong writing created an unforgettable first half that fans just ate up like it was Christmas dessert!

fate Ep 9.3cr

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