And the First Golden Baka Award Goes To…

We love to give out awards here at Viewster. So much so in fact that we’ve created yet another new award to hand out on a semi-regular basis which we’re calling the Golden Baka! This is a very special award which will be given out whenever a character does something pretty spectacularly dumb, silly or stupid. It’s not meant to be a derogatory award but more a gentle pat on the head or ‘You’ll get em next time’ kind of a thing.

The first character to receive this award really earned it. I mean, he went above and beyond in order to win this time around and deserves it more than anyone else in recent history. His name is Tsukasa and he’s the main character of the series Plastic Memories.


pm 2.2



In the third episode of this series, Tsukasa is asked to move in with his giftia partner, Isla, but finds her to be cold and unresponsive to him when they first start living together. This leads to him doing everything in his power to get her to like him more… which leads to a number of unfortunate consequences along the way. He tries to impress her by working out (and creates a hole in the wall), he tries to cook dinner for her (and sets off the sprinkler system), he brings her flowers (but lets a bee loose which gets him punched in the face by a neighbor). At this point you’d think that he’d give up but not Tsukasa. Instead he gets desperate and breaks out the big guns such as crossdressing (and kicks a table) and catching Isla when she trips (and gets caught in a compromising position).


PM 6.9


Now as I said earlier, I’m not trying to tear the poor guy down by handing him this award. I totally get that he really has the best of intentions in mind and all he wants is to have a normal relationship with his partner and new roommate but seriously guy… were you really so desperate to be liked that you couldn’t tell the advice you were being given was super lame and probably wasn’t going to work? Points for effort but you really should have known better.

So congratulations Tsukasa, you’re the first recipient of our Golden Baka award!



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