“Ange Vierge” Closes With Kick*ss Tourney

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What do you do when your TCG is about to shut down for good? Let all your players do whatever they want, of course!

Kadokawa’s Ange Vierge — a cute girl fighting TCG that launched a manga, an anime, and a smartphone app — will be ceasing development as of this summer, and shutting down its website by the end of March ’18. They’ve decided to go out swinging, though, launching a “Final Festa” event that will be held at one of Kadokawa’s main offices.

"Ange Vierge" Closes With Kick*ss Tourney
from Rakuten Worldwide

So what does this Final Festa involve? First off, it’s a Swiss-system tournament. For those not familiar with card tournaments, that basically means there are no brackets. Players are paired up with others at their level, and never play the same opponent twice. The winner is then decided by wins vs. losses at the end of the event.

Kadokawa announced that the theme of this tourney is “Prohibition/Restriction Release.” This means that any restrictions on powerful cards, deck construction, or anything else laid out for tournaments is lifted. OH YES, you can play using any cards released for the deck since the game’s inception in 2013.

In other words, it’s a free-for-all, allowing players to play all the brutal decks they’ve always wanted to bring out. Well… almost all.

"Ange Vierge" Closes With Kick*ss Tourney
from Rakuten Worldwide

There are two cards (the ones pictured in this article) that, while allowed on their own, cannot be used in the same deck. Out of every possible card combination over all the different sets and boosters, that’s the only one. But why?

Well, a little investigation shows that it could cause some problems, and even potentially break the game. The former of the cards (upper left), when in play, stops your opponent from drawing any more cards. And the one on the right forces all players to discard their hands and draw one card. In other words, if both of these ladies ended up on the table at the same time, the game would be over pretty quickly.

But other than that, it’s a chance for players to experiment and get away with things they’ve never been allowed to do before. As an added bonus, the top players get to walk away with prizes like exclusive art, card sleeves, and mini boxes featuring their favorite characters. More information is available on the event’s official site.

Of course, if you’re an Ange Vierge TCG fan, lack of development doesn’t mean you have to stop playing! Will you keep your cards when its official run is over?

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