Anime Escape Rooms: Meet SCRAP Real Escape Games

Anime Escape Rooms: Meet SCRAP Real Escape Games

We all dream of having an adventure in the world of our favorite anime. But SCRAP, an entertainment company based in Japan, is actually working on making those dreams happen.

Say hello to the world of anime escape rooms.

Anime Escape Rooms: Meet SCRAP Real Escape Games

What’s a “Real Escape Game”?

SCRAP is an entertainment group that specializes in live events, from themed weddings to kid-friendly adventures. The company has five “spaces” in Japan where you can shop and experience their various offerings.

The “Real Escape Game” brand offers themed group events where — like the escape rooms we have overseas — you have a set amount of time to solve a mystery with your group. Some of their offerings include prison breaks, sci-fi mysteries, and a personal favorite called “Toilet of Despair,” in which you have 15 minutes to escape a bathroom stall.

Games generally consist of puzzle solving and scavenger hunts. Winners may get prizes or access to exclusive merchandise.

And in recent years, SCRAP has gone the extra mile by combining this format with fan-favorite anime!


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