Anime Expo 2017 Hosts The Dragon Ball Super Puzzle Hunt

dragon ball puzzle hunt
Image courtesy of Real Escape Game US
dragon ball super puzzle hunt
Image courtesy of Toei Animation

If the Final Fantasy Escape Room at Anime Expo 2017 isn’t enough excitement for you, SCRAP Entertainment is also hosting a Dragon Ball Super live-action experience for fans who want to become a part of the DBZ universe.

In the Dragon Ball Super Puzzle Hunt, players set out across the convention center to solve puzzles in a scavenger-hunt adventure while following along with the game’s story (based on the Future Trunks plot line). It’s totally free to attendees of the convention. You can even win prizes.

To play, pick up a game kit from the Toei booth, located at #1100 in the Exhibit Hall. Just swing by, grab a kit, and start hunting. Of course, there are some details in the fine print.

  • Only one game kit per person/group
  • No time limit
  • Allow at least one hour to play

There’s no time limit, so start and stop whenever you want. Break for lunch. Take some pics of costumed fanboys. Come back when you’re refreshed. So long as the Exhibit Hall is open, you’re free to explore.

Here’s the trailer:

Piece of advice, instead of keeping your nose to the ground trying to finish, use the game as an excuse to explore. Better to follow the game maker’s suggestions like a guided tour. You’ll see the expo along the game’s route, find some cool Easter eggs along the way, and be a part of the Dragon Ball world. If you win some stuff, awesome, but if not then at least you were guided through the expo with purpose, which is more than how most people experience conventions – meandering about, missing tons of cool stuff.

Anime Expo is on July 1st-4th in L.A., at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Tickets are still available. Price vary, depending on how many days you’d like to attend and your level of otaku-ness. Single day passes are $55 and 4-day passes are $90. Kids single days are cheaper, at $25. Good chance to indoctrinate your children into the world of anime!

Between this and the Final Fantasy Escape Room, you should get plenty of interactive excitement at Anime Expo.

Quick poll: Would you rather hit up the FF Escape Room or follow the Dragon Ball Super Puzzle Hunt?

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