Anime for the Inner Artist

While anime is fun to watch for the average viewer, it often encourages many prospective and creative types to pick up pencil and pen (now-a-days, a Wacom pen and tablet) in order to create anime inspired works of their own! With this in mind, we’ve created a colorful list of titles to impress and amaze the minds of those who love to watch anime specifically for creative inspiration. …Who knows, maybe this list might just get us inspired to create some art of our own (woof). 

Grab a few pointers from these stunning anime:

Flip Flappers

FLIP FLAPPERS: This should come as a no brainer, we’ve been captivated by the beautiful landscape in which this anime takes place. Whether reviewing the wide angle shots or the close ups, FLIP FLAPPERS continues to impress us with its artistic beauty.  The characters are as vivid as they are expressive; even the scenery is enough to get even the most seasoned artists to agree.


Girlish Number

Girlish Number: Vivid, light-hearted and just pure high-fidelity, Girlish Number continues to keep us hooked with it’s storyline and high-quality imagery. While the art is of the same flow as most anime are these days, this title in particular has characters that feel very fluffy and animated. (We said it, fluffy.) The characters just have a cozy sense of layering to them that’ll make you love every single one. Trust us.

Watch Girlish Number in CA and the US


Matoi the Sacred LayerStudio Fox seems to be on a roll after their anime adaptation of Re: Zero. Matoi the Sacred Layer continues on the the amazing craftsmanship and art style that so many loved about the previously mentioned, arguably even improved upon it. The character art is PHENOMENAL… We have to say, everything about this anime is just absolutely amazing. Period.

Watch Matoi the Sacred Layer in DK, FI, IE, NL, NO, SE, and the UK

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