Anime Munchies: Onabe

If you’re located in the U.S., odds are you’ve come home from a long day of school (remember how long those days felt?!) to a bubbling, stewed meal in your Mom’s crockpot. I’ll be the first to admit, a look of disdain that almost always appeared on my face. The feeling of dread, even moreso.

Today’s anime-worthy recipe is a Japanese rendition of the slow cooked meal, but it’s destined to be tastier… Better… Actually worth the time you have to wait. 

onabe ingredientsOnabe is a hot pot meal traditionally served on cold winter nights; IDEALLY be served on a kotatsu (but beggers can’t be choosers here).

Onabe is a super varied recipe, so here are the basics:

  • It will feature a flavored broth
  • Ingredients can range from veggies, meat, seafood, tofu… And even udon noodles
  • It will be cooked and served in one pot, like your mother’s crockpot. So you Pinterest loving crockpotters, take notes!

The one aspect that makes this dish a winner is how social it is. onabe recipeUnlike how your Mom serves up that Beef Stew, Onabe is intended to be enjoyed communally, around the pot.

But let’s be real, you’d rather taste it than read about it. A super easy (and delicious) version of the dish can be found here.


Fun Fact: While writing this article, I discovered that onabe can also refer to a transgender man. Obviously, not the subject of this post. 

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