Anime On Netflix: The War Against Fansubs

anime on netflix

Before we start, let me note: Viewster and I are in no way advocating illegally streaming or downloading anime. This is a think-piece about how streaming can fail fans.

anime on netflix
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This should be no shock to anyone—I’m not the biggest fan of anime on Netflix. I may have written one or two articles about that. In some ways, my hatred is definitely because multiple, legal, anime streaming platforms have simulcasts and release new shows in as little as an hour after the show airs in Japan. So, by default, waiting three to six months for a show is hair-pullingly maddening. I binge shows frequently, but Netflix as a platform doesn’t make sense for new TV releases. And it doesn’t help that Netflix Japan actually releases new anime on the day it airs. Like many people, I’m frustratingly waiting for Kakegurui—a show that started airing in July of 2017. And as of November 24th, there is still no definitive release date. I’m not thrilled, to say the least.

But here’s the thing about Netflix. I’m never giving up my account. New anime releases aside, their anime and TV catalog is incredible. So…Netflix already has my money.

And that begs the question, does Netflix expect fans to wait?

If you don’t care about an English dub, there are tons of websites you can find that provide subtitles on the same day the show airs. Netflix knows this, but Netflix already has your money. Do they care?

Morally and ethically? Wait.

Despite my grumbles, yeah, I actually wait for Netflix to release the shows. Fansubs aren’t the best. They may get 95% of the translation right, but that other 5% does matter to me. Netflix may be a thorn in my side, but their translations certainly don’t suck.

Plus, I don’t feel sh*tty about watching on Netflix.

How do you feel about Netflix’s release strategy and do you indulge in fansubs? Let us know! In the meantime, I’ll be waiting…



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