Anime Pick: Sound Of The Sky

The real world has proved itself to be a pretty dangerous place. Mankind has a great aptitude for war, but some say we have just as much aptitude for peace. How do we find peace in these challenging times? The answer can be found in Sound of the Sky.

The anime showcases a picturesque seaside town called Seize and its fortress. A small group of soldiers live there, ready to defend their homeland.

Note: this series is not a show about violence. It’s about how we as people respond to violence and its aftermath. It might sound a little silly, but this series shows us how music can help mend someone’s wounds after they have been through disturbing times. It also demonstrates that it is only after being put through the fire that we can rise again from the ashes.

Private Kanata Sorami enlists in the Helvetian Republic Army to become a soldier and a bugler. Kanata knows the power that music can have over people. When she is assigned  to the Clocktower Fortress, the citizens of the town of Seize and the soldiers in the fortress still show signs of the trauma of war. Private Kanata is a shining example of optimism in all of this darkness. It is a model of how one person’s brightness can bring light into other people’s lives.

Think about the real world today, how many times has music improved your life? Or the right song at the right time made your day better? These are small moments, but our lives are really just an accumulation of small moments.

She’s not perfect, but her heart and spirit more than make up for her blunders along the way. Kanata’s perseverance endears her to everyone she meets. The other, more experienced, soldiers in Clocktower Fortress have seen the rages of war rip through their lives, Kanata’s presence reminds them of happier times. Even in real life, everyone has their own personal damage and no one should go life alone. It is in the company of others that we find strength.

There are anime series that delight in the action and violence of war. In those types of shows, the battles and brutality do not have as much weight because the creators want us as the audience to have that sort of popcorn fun. Sound of the Sky is not that kind of anime. The characters in this series want to maintain the peace. …Sometimes trauma and pain brings out the best in us. The most beautiful music comes from an emotional place. It is only when we are confronted by trying times that we can rise to the challenge and show our true colors.

So if you’re intrigued by the idea of an anime that talks about the real-life consequences of trauma and how to overcome them then you should check out the Sound of the Sky right now here on Viewster.



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