Anime Takes the Stage in “Shoujo Kageki☆Revue Starlight”

Anime Takes the Stage in "Shoujo Kageki☆Revue Starlight"
(Source: RevueStarlight)

Mixed media projects are everywhere these days. With stories that span manga, anime, games, & CDs, anime is conquering the multimedia world more than ever. The latest edition to that genre is a series literally made for the stage.

Meet Revue Starlight

Anime Takes the Stage in "Shoujo Kageki☆Revue Starlight"
(Source: Adala News)

Bushiroad made us fall in love with Love Live!, and their latest project takes us to the world of musical theater. Revue Starlight stars nine girls, all of whom are aiming to be the top of their game. Whether it’s music, dancing, or acting, they’re all in! The story will unfold in anime form, of course — but also as a series of stage shows.

Unlike many anime musicals today, the Revue Starlight stage show and anime take place alongside each other, and feature the same cast across both versions. So while anime fans watch the girls grow as performers, a few lucky attendees will be able to see the real world results at live performances (DOPE).

What to Expect


Revue Starlight already looks extremely intense; it seems the “battle” to be the best on stage may be quite literal! Check out those military-style uniforms and weapons.

The first stage musical takes place in September, and tickets are (as you might expect) gone. A revival is already scheduled for January, and fans can pick up two new singles around the premiere of the show. The first of those singles will contain a coupon for early passes to the revival.

As for the anime part of the project? Well, that’s up in the air right now. The musical has a set date, but the anime is still to come. However, after an exciting live show, the anime is sure to have lots of fans ready to watch!

An anime, a musical, and CDs… will Revue Starlight conquer any other media? Again, we don’t know yet. But it will definitely be interesting to see where this new series goes in the near future.



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