Anime Vocab Lesson: Baka!!!!

On this edition of Viewster‘s Anime Vocab Lessons, we discuss a word that is as versatile as it is hilarious: Baka. The direct translation of Baka is foolish, or maybe stupid, but it’s much more complex than that. It is one of the most common Japanese curse words for a reason: it’s so very versatile. In certain contexts, baka can even be used affectionately. It ranges in severity from calling someone silly or immature all the way to seriously doubting their mental capacity.

Comet Lucifer 1

The severity of the word also changes on what region of Japan you happen to be in at the time! Some regions use it more seriously than others. In Kanto, the word is used to call someone foolish, but in the Kansai region it has much more serious connotations, so always be aware of your surroundings when trying out new swear words.

bokura ga ita

Baka can mean: idiot, fool, jerk, imbecile, stupid, dimwit, insignificant, ridiculous, absurd, and more. It just depends how you use it! It can even be shouted in reference to yourself.

While baka is an exciting word with all sorts of possibilities, it’s still considered rude and impolite! There’s a time and a place for everything, but you never know who you might offend. So, when using foreign curse words just remember: don’t be baka!

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