Anime Vocab Lesson: Natto

Okay, you got us. This edition of Viewster‘s Anime Vocab Lessons isn’t exactly about anime. It shows up in anime from time to time, sure, but the subject of this lesson is so powerful, so pungent, so… weird… that we HAD to write about it! This anime vocab lesson is all about the unique Japanese delicacy known as natto. 

Photo courtesy of NYrture Food

So, what exactly is natto? Well, we’re glad you asked. Natto is a sticky mixture of soy beans that has been fermented using the bacteria Bacillus subtilis. Sound appetizing? Just keep reading.. Many people consider it to be an acquired taste because of its intense scent and off-putting texture, not to mention its taste… which many people compare to old cheese.


But despite all these characteristics, many people love natto! In fact, Aoi Yamada from Working!! loves it so much, it’s her favorite food. Another character with a soft spot for natto is Gintama‘s Sarutobi Ayame, who sometimes takes advantage of its stickiness to slow down her enemies.

We want to hear all about your natto experiences! Share them in the comments below or on our Twitter or Facebook page. Seriously, have you tried natto and lived to tell the tale? We wanna hear about it.


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