Anime Vocab Lesson: Sugoi

Sugoi (すごい) is an emphatic exclamation characters make when something surprises or amazes them. Although you can loosely translate the word to mean “awesome”, it is not exactly the same. Sugoi is usually only used when something slightly bizarre happens that forces the speaker to react.

Flip Flappers

In the premiere episode of FLIP FLAPPERS, Cocona is swept off her feet and into the mystical land of Pure Illusion and throughout her journey continues to shout sugoi! at the top of her lungs. She is experiencing an entire new world and is floored by the sights and sounds around her.

Comet Lucifer


Sugoi is a great word to add into your anime vocabulary, but be cautious because depending on the context, it can be used in a positive or negative way. In certain situations, sugoi can even be used to mean terrible! However you use it, just be sure that you’re taken aback!

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