Anime Vocab Lesson: Yandere

Of all the “dere” character types in anime, yandere is perhaps the most complex. Stemming from the words ‘deredere’, a Japanese onomatopoeia for being lovestruck, and ‘yanderu’, which means to be sick, yandere describes a character (usually, but not always, a female) who is sweet on the outside, but is a little mentally unstable on the inside. Well, maybe extremely mentally unstable, as characters can range from mild to severe cases.

Often, love is the cause of this mental breakdown. Some characters can switch into what is called a yandere mode in which they are insulted or dumped by a lover, and suddenly go berserk. Perfect examples of this can be found in School Days, an unconventionally dark harem anime in which the heroines become violent after being scorned.

school days

Another prime example of a yandere is Death Note‘s Misa Amane. On the outside she is a bright and bubbly popstar, but on the inside she is willing to kill for the love of her life, Light Yagami. After he kills her parents’ murderer, she becomes completely devoted to him. She doesn’t even have to be scorned to be a little mentally unstable, her intense love simply overrides any morality she may have once had.


In the ongoing series Momokuri, it is too early to tell if the main character, Yuki Kurihara, is a yandere. She has all the classic traits, obsessiveness, stalkiness, jealousy, but she has yet to be scorned by her love interest. She’s definitely crazy, but will her obsessions become violent? Who knows? In the coming episodes, perhaps she will snap and turn into the insane yandere she could very well become.


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