AnimeJapan: 10 Things You Should Watch Out For

If you hadn’t heard by now, Viewster is headed to AnimeJapan! Unfortunately I won’t be attending the show myself and will be sitting at home furiously hitting refresh on my news sites waiting for all the updates coming out of the event.

With thousands of people expected to attend the event to learn all about the latest releases from dozens of different production companies, it can be hard for you to know what you should be looking out for. To combat this, I decided to compile this list for you guys of 10 cool things that you should be watching for to come out of AnimeJapan 2015!


1. Trailers, trailers, trailers!

If a company is worth even half its weight in salt, they’ll be showing at least one new trailer at this event so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for your first look at some of the hottest upcoming titles from the spring season and beyond!


2. One Punch Man Announcements

Very recently it was announced that the very popular manga series One Punch Man would be getting a TV anime adaptation. At the time of the announcement there was nothing more to reveal but more details will be released at this event. If you’re a shonen manga fan, you won’t want to miss anything that they have to say about this series.

One Punch Man
Dat punch.


3. New Aquarion Anime

Earlier this year it was announced that details of a brand new Aquarion anime will be revealed. Being that this is a special anniversary edition, you can imagine that they will be going all out with this series.


4. Blood Blockade Battlefront Stage Show

One of the most anticipated shows of the spring season is the dark action series Blood Blockade Battlefront. This particular event will be hosting a special stage show at some point during the weekend complete with cast members and more. Don’t be surprised if “more” turns out to be a sneak peek at what the series is going to look like.


5. Dragon Ball Z Fan Meeting

Later this year a brand new Dragonball Z movie will be released titled Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F. On the Saturday of the event, fans are being invited to join in a special gathering where they will be able to ask questions and take part in a “particiatory event”.

"These garments that you left...are they for a man or a woman?! They're PINK!!! This is REDICULOUS!!I'm a WARRIOR, not a variety of FLOWER!!!
Say “cheese”. Ish.


6. Charlotte Exhibit

Another highly anticipated series for 2015 is the new series from studio P.A. Works and writer Jun Maeda titled Charlotte. What we do know is that a special Charlotte exhit will be at AnimeJapan 2015. What we don’t know is what will be revealed at this exhibit (I’m personally hoping for an extended promotional video that comes with a release date).


7. Oculus Rift/Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Display

While this is more for the people who will actually be there but it’s still cool none the less; the Oculus Rift will be headed to Japan and will allow users to explore the world of Gargantia with the headmounted display piece. I have a little bit of experience with Oculus Rift and trust me, this will be an experience to remember for those who get to participate!

Oculus Rift w. Gargantia
Swing by the “WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU !!” booth to try out these bad boys.


8. Overlord Presentation

If you’re a fan of dark anime, you’ll also want to watch for news coming out of the Overlord presentation which will feature the voice cast promoting the upcoming anime adaptation of the original series.


9. Disappearance of Yuki Nagato Pre-Screening

If you’re one of the many people out there who are absolutely dying for a new Haruhi Suzumiya series, you’ll be pleased to know that The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato TV series will be pre-screened at AnimeJapan 2015 and will feature brand new details about the series before it premieres in April.


10. Sega x Anime Announcement

A top secret new project is set to be announced by Sega at AnimeJapan 2015. What is it? I couldn’t tell you. All we know for sure is that voice actresses from the series YuruYuri will be in attendance at the announcement.



What are you most looking forward to learning about from AnimeJapan 2015? Any particular series that you’re hoping we get to see more of or just learn more about in general?

Sound off in the comments and let us know!


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