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It’s L.B. checking in once again to tell you all about this season’s simulcast announcements. We have TEN simulcasts to share with you this season (count ’em!) and I’m here to tell you why you should be excited to watch every single one of them!

Depending on your region, some titles are already available – simply click your highlighted region to play each available title.

GUNDAM Reconguista in G


Bellri Zenam is a capital guard in training, tasked with protecting the all-important capital tower, which links Earth to space.  But when the tower is attacked during a training exercise, Bellri goes on the defensive and ends up capturing an enemy pilot, along with her special mobile suit—the G-self … which seems to have a mind of its own.  

Why You Should Care

This is part of the Gundam anniversary celebration and features the original creator, Yoshiyuki Tomino, as the chief director. Animation studio Sunrise is producing seven releases this season and this is certainly one of their top priorities.

I have to admit to everyone that I’ve never seen a Gundam series before in my life, so this is going to be a new experience for me all around and I’m looking forward to digging into it with all of you!

Availability (Click your region to start watching)

German and English Subtitles in Germany, Austria, Switzerland
English Subtitles in UK, IE



Trinity Seven


When his hometown is destroyed by the evil force of the Black Sun, Kasuga Arata enrolls in magic school.  But in order to save his world he’ll need more than a few spells.  Thankfully he’s quickly taken under the wing of a group of budding female magicians.

Why You Should Care

If early information is to believed this series is going to have a little bit of everything; magic, mystery, comedy, romance… everything! Be sure to give this one a shot and see if it catches your eye particularly since the director of A Certain Magical Index and Azumanga Daioh is helming it.

Availability (click your region to start watching)

English Subtitles in Benelux, Nordics (except Iceland), Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand
With French and English Subtitles in France
In German and English Subtitles in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland


Laughing Under the Clouds


A historical series that takes place in the Meiji era, this one is about three brothers who are charged with taking people who have broken the new ‘no sword law’ to a prison in the middle of a lake.

Why You Should Care

This is a series which features fresh faced newbies who are ready to prove their worth in this industry. The director, writer and composer all only have a handful of credits to their names but that just means that they’re hungry and want to do their best. Let’s see what they can come up with together!

Availability (click to start watching)

With German, French, and English Subtitles in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Nordics (except Iceland), Benelux, Spain



When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace


At some point in their life, everyone dreams of gaining superpowers. For the members of the literature club, that dream becomes a reality. Six months prior to the start of this series, the members of this club find out that they have actual superpowers and they think that this is going to be the start of grand adventures. Instead they find out that their lives are just as ordinary as ever.

Why You Should Care

There are so many reasons why you should care about this series and drop everything to go watch it, but I’m just going to name a couple. First off, the animation is produced by studio Trigger (Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia). You need more? Well the director and series compositioner is Masahiko Otsuka who also worked on Petite Princess Yucie and Mahoromatic. This is easily one of my most anticipated series of the season!

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With English Subtitles in Benelux, Nordics (except Iceland), Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand
With French and English Subtitles in France


Girl Friend BETA


This is a series about a Kokomi and her huge group friends trying to make it through the daily craziness of school life. I know, that’s not really much to go on but that’s all we got for now.

Why You Should Care

Based off a social game, this is going to be your go-to series if you like large harems because the cast is featuring at least THIRTY different female characters!

Availability (Click your region to start watching)

With English Subtitles in Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand
With German, French, and English Subtitles in France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland



Your Lie in April


In the more sentimental drama department, we have this series about a young boy who was a piano prodigy until he suffered some personal trauma at which point he lost his ability to play. A few years later he meets a spirited violinist who inspires him to rediscover his love of music.

Why You Should Care

This series is part of the Noitamina block which means it’s going to be more artistic than other series that on this list. This could very well be the tear jerker anime of the season as it deals with tough issues such as personal loss.

Availability (click to watch)

With German and English Subtitles in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Nordics (except Iceland), Benelux, Spain


CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon


Our second mecha series of the season, this one features a princess from the future who can’t use mana and is thus sent to a special island to live in isolation. When she gets there, she meets other girls who also can’t use mana and instead spend their time riding mecha and fighting off dragons from another dimension.

Why You Should Care

Now how are you going to hear a premise like that and at least not be slightly curious to know what is going to happen next? Plus you have to factor in that the cast attached to this series is just one long list of talent: Nana Mizuki, Yui Horie, Eri Kitamura, Mariya IseÖ the list goes on and on!


Both English and German Subtitles in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Ireland




The hero of this series loves to dance. It’s his whole life. One day while practicing in his secret spot he meets another boy who loves to dance and the two become best friends who grow up together and battle against others using dance as their weapon.

Why You Should Care

This is a series for the young and young at heart. While Tribe Cool Crew is aimed at a younger audience, there should be enough here to attract people of all ages with its infectious music and themes of friendship.


With German and English Subtitles in Germany, Austria, Switzerland



Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]


The Fate/Stay Night franchise has been around for many years now and has a rich history but I’ll try to sum up the story for you; Every few years magic users from around the world gather together in one place to summon warriors from throughout history and participate in a bloody, violent battle to the death. The winner of this war gets the Holy Grail which is said to grant any wish for the magic user and their servant. In this iteration of the Holy Grail War, the hero is an inexperienced boy named Shirou and the heroine is the very experienced Rin Tohsaka.

Why You Should Care

While I mentioned Inou-Battle being one of my most anticipated series, this is THE MOST anticipated series in my book. I’ve loved the Fate/Stay Night franchise since I first saw it back around 2005 and this new version is looking to be one of the best versions ever created. The animation is being produced by ufotable (who created the prequel Fate/Zero) and the focus is on one of my favorite female characters ever. Don’t get left behind by skipping this one!


With English Subtitles in Nordics (except Iceland), Benelux, Spain

Log Horizon 2


A group of gamers have been trapped inside a virtual reality MMO for months, fighting to survive.  In the second season, winter is approaching and tensions are rising in the group as they try to plan their next move.

Why You Should Care

This is another one where I have to admit that I’m going in blind because I never saw the first season. Hopefully all of you can help me out as I feel my way around this second season and do my best to make sense of it all.


With German and English Subtitles in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Nordics (except Iceland)



That’s it for simulcasts this season! I hope that you’ll join me each week as I recap all the latest happenings here on Viewster and share my thoughts on what is happening. What are you most looking forward to this season? Sound off in the comments!

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