Asian Invasion: 5 New Korean Dramas on Viewster

Yes, excessive viewing may ruin your future love life and ludicrous plot twists will occur (hello, sibling relationships), but especially the tension building, cliffhangers and level of actor/actress juicyness in most Korean Dramas are admittedly pretty awesome.

And it’s not just us. Whether it’s for learning about a new culture without reading a stack of boring books, the fresh factor of watching something NOT-Western for once, the mouthwatering food/clothes/romance/drama or the addictive properties that Korean producers do so damn well, Non-Koreans are slowly starting to binge the sh*t out of Korean Drama.

So, we pulled together a list of five new Korean Dramas on Viewster below, all streaming for free in UK, IE, FR, ES, DE, AT, CH, NL, BE, DK, FI, NO, and SE. Enjoy!


YEO Ji-hoon, (JOO Sang-wook) leads a crime unit called “Ten” that solves cases with a less than 10% rate of arrests. Get it? The team consists of NAM Ye-ri (JO An), BAEK Do-sik (KIM Sang-ho), and PARK Min-ho (CHOI Woo-sik). The detectives hunt down some of the most violent criminals at work in the city. With one of the best opening credit sequences ever, this show is funny, creepy, dark and sexy.

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A Yaksa

Like a Korean version of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, this sexy sword-slinger series is an epic story of love, betrayal and revenge. An ambitious young king is in pursuit of power. His childhood friend Baek-rok (JO Dong-hyuk,) protects him with a gang of secret assassins called the “Black Cloud Swords”. But Baek-rok’s real allegiance lies with his brother Baek-kyul (YOUNG Seo-do,) though they are both in love with the same woman, the beautiful Jung-yeon (JUN Hye-bin,) So when his brother betrays him, he becomes a slave and a gladiator, eventually returning to seek revenge. What a gore-fest!

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It’s the near future and the city of Muyeong is on the brink of collapse. KIM Huk-chul (YANG Dong-geun)—the bad-boy son of the Muyeong’s corrupt mayor—is caught in a shootout, and takes a bullet meant for the beautiful Ih-ohn (HAN Chae-ah) a detective with a heart. But when Huk-chul awakens from a coma, he discovers that he has superhuman powers … and decides to use them to fight evil and corruption. Little does he know how close he is to the source. Kinda Matrix-y, kinda cool!

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Vampire Prosecutor

After prosecutor MIN Tae-yeon (YUN Jung-hoon) is attacked and bitten, he becomes a vampire. Though he rejects the predatory life of a vampire, he survives by drinking the blood of the dead and uses his new abilities to bring justice to people thought to be above the law. Along with detective HWANG Soon-bum, prosecutor YOO Jung-in and intern ChOI Dong-man, the team attempt to solve murder cases that seem unsolvable. With a sexy cast, dry humor, and lots of blood, this is the most badass vampire show ever!

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Quiz From God

HAN Jin-woo (HWAN Ryu-duk) is Korea’s top medical examiner, who heads a team of experts in crime investigations, with KANG Kyung-hee (Yoon Joo-hee) an attractive female detective who possesses amazing martial arts skills and a strong sense of justice. A mysterious killer is carving Latin numerals into the mutilated corpses of his victims. Can Jin-Woo and his team stop the killer before he commits his next murder?

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We’re getting loads and loads of new Korean Drama over the course of the next few months. Which are your favorites, and why should we get them on Viewster? Drop a comment and let us know.


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