5 Super Awesome Japanese Home Goods

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Nothing better than a peek at authentic day-to-day Japanese life (and a little culture shock).

Those facial tissues you use to blow your nose? Nope, not what they’re for. Sharing bathwater amongst family members? That’s happening.

Here are our 5 favorite Japanese home goods:


Bathtub cover

In Japan, it’s fairly common for families to use the same bathwater to conserve water. It’s less gross than you think, since family members only go into the warm bathwater after having washed themselves off in the shower first…

In order to keep the water warm, they sometimes make use of a bathtub cover (called a furo futa in Japanese). They’re typically made out of plastic and look like a series of planks that can be folded together.

It also prevents certain furry members of the family from getting their hair in the tub too.

Net strainers

So you just spent the night at your Japanese friend’s house and he asks if you can do one favor for him: replace the sink’s net strainer. You say sure, he smiles and leaves, and then you walk over to sink… and realize you have no idea what he was talking about.

But never fear! Instead of using a garbage disposal or just nonchalantly shoving chunks of garbage down the sink while screaming “FREEDOM!”, you’ll find a metal strainer that catches garbage. It can get kind of gross and hard to clean, so to make it easier many people use mizukiri netto. The nets wrap around the inside of the metal strainer so that when it starts to fill up,  all you have to do is throw away the net.


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