ForneverWorld Dubs Attack On Titan S2 Finale “One of the Best Finales Ever”

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The Attack On Titan Season 2 finale has come and gone with rave reviews – including from famed YouTuber ForneverWorld. To be exact, Attack On Titan “knocked it out of the park”. Not only did it unveil the answers to a ton of questions we’ve been pondering, it also managed to conjure up a whole crop of new questions that won’t be answered until Season 3, maybe.

Spoiler alert: This post is full of ’em. Watch ForneverWorld’s full review below – 

Character Highlights

The season definitely maintained a major focus on Ymir and Krista – when Season 3 comes, don’t expect to see too much of them. ForneverWorld’s expecting to see the spotlight shine on Erwin in the future. Why? Because he is a “MONSTER OF A MAN”. He rocked the finale, the man lost his ARM and still charged into battle with a hoard of Titans. Yes, his job is going to be significantly harder next season, meaning even more awesome challenges for him to overcome. He’s a mysterious guy, at one point he had us all wondering “is he a serial killer?”….

After the conclusion of Season 2, Eren’s got a lot to overcome in the episodes ahead. He’s at a personal crossroad, asking himself “have I changed? Have I grown?”… Realizing you’re exactly who you’ve been trying to avoid becoming is a personal development that most of us can relate to, ForneverWorld notes,

I like to see the journey. Eventually you’ll see the pinnacle of who they’ll become as a person. He had me in my feels.

Synical viewers will argue, “where do these powers come from”?  – But, it’ll come in time.

NOW for Ymir. This one’s tougher for ForneverWorld (and all of us at Viewster) to wrap our heads around… YES, in a way it was honorable for her to return, but all it means is increased danger for everyone. Sure, they stopped you from being a normal Titan, but is that going to a positive thing? Doubtful.

The Review

The biggest complaint ForneverWorld‘s got about Attack On Titan S2 is a common one – this season is half of the episodes as Season 1. In an anime about trying to find freedom, trying to find self peace, struggling to get over shit, and about questioning yourself, it’s tough to not want more.

But in honesty, the ending of Season 2 is one of ForneverWorld’s favorite episodes of anime PERIOD.

Phenomenal. I can say nothing bad about Attack On Titan. …I’m not gonna find a flaw that doesn’t exist.

Art – 10/10

Animation – 10/10

Storytelling – 10/10

He argues that it’s the best episode compilation within Attack On Titan as a whole.

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