Attack on Tokyo! Titan Tie-Ins Rule This Summer

attack on titans themed cafe
Image source: Tokyo Otaku Mode

You can run, but you can’t hide. The Titans have come to Tokyo, and they only want one thing: to offer you tasty snacks and cute merchandise!

Japanese themed cafe attack on titan
Image source: Tokyo Otaku Mode

From now until July, two major Attack on Titan collaboration events are taking Japan by storm. First up is animate Café, the home of many crossover events. Right now they’re offering an Attack on Titan-themed menu with delicious bread, stylish desserts, and warm drinks. And all of your favorite characters are dolled up as bunnies — whether they like it or not.

On the off chance you can’t make it, you can check out this photo report. Pictures reveal the unexpectedly adorable branding and a few of the treats visitors can buy. There’s also a wide variety of coasters for customers. Can you collect all of your favorite characters? Keep coming back to try!

Meanwhile, Tokyo Skytree has become Wall Skytree… and the Colossal Titan (who’s just 100m shy of Skytree’s 450m height) is attacking! Fortunately, the Survey Corps is on hand to help in a series of dynamic illustrations. There’s also some special art just for the event, some small-sized Titans hidden around the event space, and a photo-op spot for some great pictures!

japanese cafe attack on titan
Image source: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Of course, there’s also themed merch to pick up here, too. Never forget the sight of the Colossal Titan trying to bring down the Skytree. (It’s the giant monster way, after all!) And in case you’re still hungry after stopping in at animate, there’s another Attack on Titan café up on the Tembo Deck Floor 340! Try out a whole new (but similarly inspired) menu of beef stew, hot and cold drinks, and more.

There’s no denying, Attack on Titan season 2 is currently some of the biggest news in Japan. With tributes, pop-up restaurants, and special merchandise coming in practically every month, you’re almost certain to encounter an event no matter when you go.

What shops would you like to see collaborate with Attack on Titan? 

Check out more Japanese themed cafés here.


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