Attn. Gamers! Your Phone Is All You Need


As if your Nintendo Switch and PS4™ wasn’t enough… Your phone’s gaming game (get it??) is about to increase 10fold.

GONE are the days when you need to bring a console to your friends house.

GONE are the day when you’re commuting and thinking frantically about how to conquer the latest level of (insert badass game here), but you forgot your cord or have no Bluetooth connection… (does that ever happen…?)

Ok, I’ll admit these circumstances are a little fluffy… But there will come a time when all you want to do is play a kickass game on your phone, with a joystick – – – I KNOW IT.

This tiny joystick grips right onto your phone — no cords needed.

Stay tuned for a release date! You’re officially in the know.

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