‘Batman Ninja’ Anime Preview Looks DOPE

batman ninja cover
(Source: YouTube /ワーナー ブラザース 公式チャンネル)

Batman. He’s a caped superhero, “the world’s greatest detective,” the protector of all things good and holy. He’s also essentially a ninja, stalking his prey by moonlight, leaping to the attack from rooftops, and melting away into the darkness when the battle is done.

Now, Batman (and a few friends and foes) are headed back to feudal-era Japan in asian style thanks to the upcoming anime production “Batman Ninja.” For extra anime authenticity, “Batman Ninja” even has a different title in Japan, where it’s called “Ninja Batman.”

You’re probably going to wonder how Batman traveled back in time. Sadly, the trailer (above) only glosses over the technical details, chalking it up to “an unexpected chemical reaction.” Regardless of the process involved, Batman finds himself in the Sengoku Period, a time when Japan was instead by regional warlords who sought to snatch each other’s territory by any means possible.

…Which, of course, sounds right up the alley of Batman’s longtime nemesis the Joker, who installs himself as such a warlord and declares himself “Devil King of the 6th Heaven,” echoing a similar title often assigned to real-life ruthless samurai Oda Nobunaga.

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