‘Battle Angel Alita’ Manga In Reprint After 27 Years

'Battle Angel Alita' Manga In Reprint After 27 Years
Image source: Kodansha USA
'Battle Angel Alita' Manga In Reprint After 27 Years
Image source: Kodansha USA

Yukito Kishiro created Battle Angel Alita back in 1990. It is the story of an amnesiac cyborg in the 26th century found in a garbage dump and repaired by a cybernetics doctor. She becomes a mercenary Hunter-Warrior, basically a bounty hunter (sounds a bit like Jason Bourne meets Ghost in the Shell). It was published as a series for five years until 1995. It’s gained a lot of fame with American audiences because it is a favorite story of the director James Cameron. He has been mentioned bringing the story to the live-action cinema for years now with little progress. Currently, it’s set to come out in July of 2018, produced by Cameron and directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Good luck with that live-action manga adaptation guys!  Cyberpunk has worked really well for American audiences so far. I mean if they want to avoid the problems that Ghost in the Shell faced then I hope they have a careful roll out strategy planned for this. I think it helps that Cameron is such a big fan of the manga; if anyone can pull this off it’s him. I mean this is the guy who made a movie about blue-skinned native people into one of the highest earning movies of all time. The cast of Battle Angel has been announced with Rosa Salazar as the cyborg Alita herself, along with Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Christoph Waltz, Ed Skrein, and Jackie Earle Haley; also with Michelle Rodriguez, because she is in all the female action movies nowadays.

There have been no production images or video, just the release date and the cast so who knows what this will look like. For those who want to read the classic manga, Comixology is releasing a fully digital translation of the series. All nine volumes will roll out in the next few months, the final ones coming in October. Publisher Kodansha has also announced they will be releasing a hardcover 2-in-1 omnibus this coming holiday season.



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