Beat The Heat With These Cool Anime Titles

A little bird told us that Europe is dealing with a bit of a heat wave at the moment. We can totally sympathize as we’ve all dealt with some punishing heat in the past as well. That’s why we’re here to help rescue you from the heat by giving you suggestions on anime that you can use to beat the heat! These anime might not make you feel cooler but they’ll sure help distract you from the fiery ball of yellow death hovering in the sky above you.


Plastic Memories

First airing this past spring, Plastic Memories is a wonderful love story that tells the tale of a future where robots who could pass for humans in pretty much every single way are used in day to day life. The only problem is that they have a limited life span and must be collected before this time expires. Tsukasa works for an agency which collects these robots and what follows in his journey into adulthood as he learns some harsh truths about life. We can’t even begin to describe how wonderful this anime is and can’t recommend it enough to people who are looking for something that will get the tears flowing.

Plastic Memories


with English subs in United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico

with English subs in United Kingdom and Ireland




One of our new summer simulcasts, this has easily been one of our most anticipated series of the season. Gangsta is a dark and gritty story about two “handymen” who live in a town overrun with mafia and an overworked police force. Our heroes will take on any job they can in order to make ends meet and create some enemies along the way. If you’re tired of happy stories and just want something that will hit you in the “real” department, this is your series!



with English subs in United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland

with Spanish subs in Spain, Portugal



The World is Still Beautiful

What better series to watch when it’s hot out than a shoujo featuring a princess who is capable of making it rain with the power of song? This fantastic series will tickle your funny bone and get you amped up as you cheer for Nike and her new fiance to find their happy ending. Just don’t be surprised if it makes you long for a sudden downpour of preciptation.



with English subs in United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden




Finally we come to our last and possibly the best choice to beat the summer heat with… six seasons of Gintama! That’s literally dozens of episodes with which you can laugh along with until the summer has long since passed! Join our strange yet loveable hero as he and his companions take on odd jobs and just try to make enough money to put some food in their stomachs until the next day when they have to start the process all over again.



with English subs in United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden



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