Blade Runner Anime: Sneak Peek Video

blade runner blackout 2022
(Source: Sony Pictures Japan)

A few weeks ago, Sony Picture Japan dropped a production video showing off the latest project from Shinichiro Watanabe, the director of Cowboy Bebop. This one is sure to increase the heart rate of sci-fi fanboys around the world to skyrocket.

Watanabe is working on a Blade Runner anime, titled Blade Runner: Blackout 2022.

Check out the first-glimpse video right here. It’s not quite a trailer, just a video collage of artwork and snippets from the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.

The anime is set in 2022, 3 years after the original Blade Runner and and 27 years before the upcoming sequel. The story is set in the western US, where a power outage has caused some serious problems with society (since society relies on computers and energy and whatnot). Cautionary tale, perhaps? Replicants, the bio-robots that are the focus of the series, are blamed, although there is no definitive proof. Craziness ensues.

Nothing is known about the characters so far, but we can assume a couple things about the show in general…

  1. It’s a Shinichiro Watanabe production, so the chance it turns out amazing is in our favor.
  2. It’s in collaboration with Hollywood (likely to help promote their new film), so they’re probably pumping in a decent budget and setting high standards.

Hopefully this could mean they’ll take their time in crafting something worthy of the franchise. And hopefully this turns into an ongoing series. Sure, we already have plenty of futuristic sci-fi anime, but the more the merrier.

It seems as if collaboration between the Eastern anime industry and Western Hollywood is the new standard in the entertainment world. Between Netflix and Hollywood, we’re getting new announcements every month. Anime is turning into movies, movies are turning into anime…

It’s a damn fine time to be an anime fan!┬áLet us know what you think in the comments below.



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